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Dead by Daylight HWID Spoofer Download (servername DBD Spoofer 2021)

UNDETECTED Dead by Daylight HWID Spoofer Download (servername DBD Spoofer 2021)

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: ShakyeSnake045

Dead by Daylight HWID Spoofer is a Free Working Undetected Tool that unbans your device if you get HWID banned from Dead by Daylight (DBD)

HWID bans can sometimes be hard to get passed since they are literally called Hardware ID Bans. I mean they ban your whole hardware meaning that you cannot even play the game on that device. But that is precicely the reason there are HWID Spoofers, to get your device unbanned if you used Free Cheats and Hacks for Dead by Daylight (DBD)

How to Use Dead by Daylight HWID Spoofer

This spoofer functions with 2 different files, meaning that it is not just a one click exe file that you can run. But do not let this or the weird looking sys file scare you. You just have to open the sys file with the kdmapper which is actually really simple. Just follow these that I have prepared for you, and you will see that it is in fact underwhelmingly simple.

  1. Download the Dead by Daylight HWID Spoofer, which like I mentioned, comes as 2 files compressed in a rar archive to make the file size smaller
  2. Extract those 2 files into a directory of your choice (Do not forget where they are)
  3. Make sure that no Dead by Daylight process is running in the background
  4. Open the directory / folder where you have just extracted the files
  5. Now you need to open the sys file with the kdmapper, you can do this by simple dragging the sys file onto the kdmapper.exe with your mouse
    Alternative: Open a cmd windows in that folder and run the kdmapper with the sys file
  6. And that’s it! Now you can launch Dead by Daylight and your device / HWID should be unbanned.
    Do note that this Dead by Daylight HWID Spoofer works until your restart your device

I was looking for a HWID spoofer for a little bit and someone sent me this, they didnt make it I didnt make it and im not sure who made it because I could not find it online. I ran it though virus total, got one hit and assumed it was a false positive, it worked for me so for Dead by Daylight.

Dosent mean it will work for your game.


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