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PUBG Emulator Bypass 2.1 and All Versions | Gameloop, LDPlayer, Smartgaga


 Last Version: 05/11/2022

 Developers: litomatoma8013

PUBG Emulator Bypass is a piece of modified file of PUBG Mobile that is edited so that it disables the check that detects whether you are using an emulator on a PC to play the game itself. Meaning that by using this bypass, you do not have to match with other emulator players, and you can just play with other mobile players that play on a phone or a tablet.

If you want to use PUBG Mobile on PC but since the game requires you to match with players that are using the same version of the game as you, what do you do? You cannot play with your friends on PC who have gameloop or other emulators installed because they will be flagged as using an emulator. This bypass is a modded .so file of PUBG Mobile that enables you to play against other mobile players without being flagged as using an emulator.

Info for PUBG Emulator Bypass 2.1 Info

There are many portable emulators that allow you to play PUBG Mobile on your PC. However, a significant number of these emulators have Anti-Cheat and may cause your accounts to be restricted by PUBG Mobile.

This Bypass we released for PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack is a tool that allows you to avoid this boycott and play the game on your PC without getting banned. The device is extremely simple to use and takes a few minutes to set up. Once you set up the device, you will have almost no problems with your PC.

If you are looking for a method to play PUBG Mobile Hack without getting banned on your PC, PUBG Mobile Emulator Bypass is the ideal device for you.

pubg mobile emulator bypass

How to Use PUBG Emulator Bypass

Supported emulators: LDPlayer +4.0 / Gameloop / Smartgaga / Bluestack etc

  1. Download the bypass file
  2. Extract the files from the zip archive
  3. Replace the lib in /data/data/*pubg package name*/lib/
    Supported packages:
    com.tencent.ig / com.pubg.krmobile / com.vng.pubgmobile / com.rekoo.pubgm / com.pubg.imobile
  4. Enjoy and have fun!

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PUBG Emulator Bypass | Changelog

  • Attempts to Fix for the 10Min
  • Tested only using vng version
  • Support all emulators

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  1. 143847

    how to replace the lib

  1. 136570

    Can u add on Droid version

  2. 188943

    sotp working 14/07/22
    update pliss

  3. 187923

    At least give me credits for this … theifs

  4. 133296

    geting 10 min ban fix it plzz

  5. 187193

    In the description said extract the file in the location replace the file name libigshare.so but when i extract the zib there is no file name libigshare.so

  6. 143847

    how to replace the lib

  7. 11280

    It’s work thx!

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