Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors Trainer Hack 2021

dinosaurs prehistoric survivors trainer hack 2021

 Version: 1.0

 Developers: wh0am15533

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors Trainer Hack 2021

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors Trainer Hack is a cheat for Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors to max out your dinasours and give speed hack.

About Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors is a single player game that includes several game modes such as Survival mode, Arcade mode and Free Roam mode.

Survival mode is a mode designed for players who prefer a more stimulating game experience. Survivor mode puts the player’s survivability as a dinosaur to the test in a variety of dangerous areas, where the player must navigate environmental hazards and sometimes fight for resources. In addition to surviving in a brutal environment, the player also has one goal: to defeat a guardian residing in each area. Defeating a Guardian marks the completion of an area. Unlike other modes that feature Cretaceous dinosaurs from North America, Survival mode features Cretaceous dinosaurs from Asia.

Arcade Mode is a mode designed for gamers who enjoy simulation-style gameplay, where players live the life of a dinosaur, from young to adult, in a dynamic open world environment. Arcade mode’s world changes as the player grows, creatures will migrate or disappear, corpses will decompose over time, creatures’ behavior changes based on available resources and competition , and all these dynamic elements are designed to provide players with unique challenges. ability to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Free Roam Mode is designed for gamers who prefer a more peaceful and hassle-free gaming experience where players can choose to play as a dinosaur without worrying about missions and goals.

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors allows players to choose from over 25 dinosaur species, from the feeble Parkosaurus to the mighty Tyrannosaurus, including multiple game modes.

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors offers players a variety of environments to explore and experience. Some of these environments include jungles, swamps and wetlands, beaches, rocky mountains, volcanic regions, and underwater environments.

  • Play as a dinosaur
  • Over 25 dinosaur species
  • Multiple game modes
  • Missions and objectives
  • Boss battles
  • Multiple environments
Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors Trainer Hack Features
  • Max Hunter T-Rex
  • Max Trike
  • Complete Survivor Mode Challanges
  • Speed Mod
Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors Trainer Hack Installation
  1. Download Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors Trainer Hack
  2. Extract the dll from the archive
  3. Read one of these posts to learn how you can inject the dll:
    How to inject trainer dll with DoorStop?
    How to inject trainer dll with BepInEx?

    Or you can use standalone injector with the following settings:

    Namespace: Trainer
    Class: TrainerLoader
    Method: Init


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