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EgguWare Unturned MultiHack | Update

DETECTED Unturned MultiHack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: YeetBruhYeet

Hello dear CheaterMAD members, This awesome EgguWare Unturned MultiHack is a unique free Unturned Cheat that will bring you Wallhack , AimBot, ESP and more.

Unturned is a free-to-play zombie-themed survival horror game developed with the Unity game engine, developed by 17-year-old Canadian “Nelson S3xton”, owner, founder and sole member of Smartly Dressed Games. A cheat has been developed for you to become a GOD in this game “Thanks to Developer YeetBruhYeet“. For more resources on this game, check out here.

unturned multihack

You can download EgguWare Unturned MultiHack, which is very easy to implement, free of charge from cheatermad.com. Stay tuned to our website for more Free Cheats and Hacks! Follow the instructions below on how to use this Unturned Multihack.

Unturned MultiHack Usage Instructions:

Everything seems to work fine just be careful of making visuals render at 3000 distance unless you have a beefy PC.

  1. Put EgguWareV1.assets into Unturned_Managed folder.
  2. Inject Egguware.dll into unturned with a monoinjector. (Click HERE for Injector)
  3. Namespace: EgguWare
  4. Class: Load
  5. Method: Start

unturned multihack


  • Visuals
    • Player
      • Players – Enabled
      • Box
      • Glow
      • Snaplines
      • Name
      • Distance
      • Show Weapon
      • Show Expanded Hitboxes
        • Cham Type:
          • Material
          • Flat
          • None
  • Vehicle
    • Vehicle – Enabled
      • Box
      • Glow
      • Snaplines
      • Name
      • Distance
      • Show Lock State
      • Show Expanded Hitboxes
        • Cham Type:
          • Material
          • Flat
          • None
  • Item /same
  • Zombie /same
  • Storage /same
  • Bed /same
  • Flag /same
  • Aimbot
    • Silent Aimbot
      • Expand Hitboxes
      • Aimpoint Multiplier
      • Hitbox Width
      • Chance to Hit
      • Silent Aim Lib
      • Pixel FOV Limit
    • Aimlock
      • Aimlock Key
      • Pixel FOV Limit
      • Pixels
      • Draw Pixel FOV Circle
  • Misc
    • Freecam
    • Vehicle No Clip
    • Show Vanished Players
    • Full Bright
    • Show Players on Map
    • & MUCH MORE
  • Weapons
    • No Spread
    • No Recoil
    • No Sway
    • No Burst Delay
    • No Hammer Delay
    • No Reload Delay
  • Players
  • Settings

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  1. 118512

    what injector should i use? that one is not working

  1. 163490

    whats the key to turn on

  2. 142848

    update please?

  3. 138277

    not workiing can i get your discord

  4. 128707

    ignore (nice hack)

  5. 128707

    The Executor does not find the .exe game how do I solve this or can I use another injector? (like, saz, pros…)

  6. 128707

    how do you open the hack?

  7. 31602

    Can i join discord?

  8. 118512

    what injector should i use? that one is not working

  9. 17830

    U can also put Egguware.dll into managed folder and its gonna work

  10. 118512

    the injector is not working

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