Emergency Crew Volcano Eruption Trainer Hack 2021


 Version: 1.0

 Developers: wh0am15533

Emergency Crew Volcano Eruption Trainer Hack 2021

Emergency Crew Volcano Eruption Trainer Hack enables the cheat menu and lets you add infinite resources like money, debris, wood, food, fuel

About Emergency Crew Volcano Eruption

An earthquake has occurred in the Coastland! Stephen Shepard’s emergency team immediately came to everyone’s aid. Starting their mission from the shore, the party quickly moves to the city center, where buildings have collapsed due to the earthquake and victims are still under the rubble. After evacuating the city, the heroes understood that the scale of the disaster exceeded all expectations – burning forests, an erupting volcano. Saving everyone in the danger zone is now their duty!

Embark on a hero rescue mission! Exciting disaster relief missions await in breathtaking laid-back emergency team strategy. A variety of different missions, 40 levels, an in-depth story about a team of heroes of our time and places where only true rescuers can stay – it’s waiting for you now! Save the people, rebuild the ruined city, fend off the incoming invaders and wisely establish the necessary resources. Remember, time is precious!

  • Natural disasters earthquake, flood, fire, volcanic eruption.
  • A thoughtful plot, comics and colorful characters, each with their own mood!
  • Professional team: rescue, fire, paramedics, police!
  • Functional controls and easy-to-understand instructions will make it easy to understand the basics of the game
  • “Emergency Crew” saves people from disaster!
  • Unique special equipment: ambulance, boat and helicopter.
  • The production line is capable of generating very advanced resources!
  • Some miscellaneous quests.
  • 40 unique levels.
  • 4 locations of the rescue operation: Coastal town, suburban forest, canyon and volcano!
  • Over 20 hours of fun game play for all ages.
  • Nice themed music.

How to Install Emergency Crew Volcano Eruption Trainer Hack

  1. Download the trainer
  2. Extract the dll from the rar archive
  3. Follow one of these tutorials to inject the trainer into the game:
    How to Inject Trainer DLL with DoorStop?
    How to Inject Trainer DLL with BepInEx?
    Or you can use a standalone injector with the following settings:
    Namespace: Trainer
    Class: TrainerLoader
    Method: Init
  4. Enjoy 🙂

Emergency Crew Volcano Eruption Trainer Hack Features

  • Adjust Game Speed
  • Add Money
  • Add Debris
  • Add Wood
  • Add Girders
  • Add MRE
  • Add Hot Food
  • Add Fuel
  • Add Dog Food



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