How to inject trainer dll with Doorstop



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This is a quick tutorial on the question How to inject trainer dll with Doorstop. I won’t go into very specific details keep it simple and understandable.

Some stuff you should know:

Doorstop isn’t an injector per se but more of an open souce tool used to excute managed assemblies inside Unity as early as possible. Which means this will only work for Unity based applications. Doorstop is a not an injector you’d normally use to inject a dll into a programme. And a lot of people don’t really know how to use it. This is why I’m writing this post.

Alright let’s get started:

How to inject trainer dll with Doorstop?:
  1. Download the Doorstop zip file provided below
  2. Download the trainer dll that you want to use
  3. Extract the files in the zip file (most important ones being “winhttp.dll” and “doorstep_config.ini” so, make sure they are there!) to the root directory of the game you want inject the dll into
  4. Paste the trainer dll into the root directory of the game as well
  5. Open doorstop_config.ini with an editor of your choice (I recommend notepad++)
  6. In the 6th line you will see a variable called “targetAssembly”
    As default this variable is equal to “Doorstop.dll”
    Change this to the name of the dll you want to inject. For example: “targetAssembly=trainername.dll”
  7. Save the file by pressing CTRL + S or by clicking on the save button on the top left
  8. And this is it. Now run the game and the dll will be injected automatically.

If it didn’t work for you please read the post once again very carefully, I’ve also included some screenshots of the steps that people may have trouble with, check them out.

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Extracting Doorstep files in the root directory:

how to use doorstop

Extracting the trainer dll in the root directory:

how to inject with doorstop

Editing the config file:

how to inject dll using doorstop

Saving the config file:

how to inject with doorstop



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