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Escape From Tarkov Auto Examine Hack 2021

UNDETECTED Escape From Tarkov Auto Examine Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: avn

Hello cheatermad members, This Escape From Tarkov Auto Examine Hack automatically scrolls throught items examines them for you. This is very useful if you’re really lazy and don’t want to spend a very long time on examining items.

This hack is fully external and you cannot get banned using it as it doesn’t read Escape From Tarkov’s memory. It’s coded in Python and it only reads your screen to find the items and examine them.

How to Install Escape From Tarkov Auto Examine Hack
  1. Rename the EFT_Auto_Examine.exe file to anything random
  2. Open Escape from Tarkov
  3. Go to settings; you have to be on screen resolution 1920×1080 (16:9) and on borderless or windowed
  4. Go on any Traders showcase (works most efficiently on Fence)
  5. Launch your downloaded EFT_Auto_Examine.exe / .py
  6. Leave it running as long as you wish to (the longer it runs the more items you’ll have examined)
  7. Enjoy your day, while all items continously get automatically examined for you


Developer Notes

Hey, as we all know the game got wiped recently! So with each wipe and every fresh account, comes the pain of having to manually examine items. Did you know there were currently 1634 diffrent Items in Escape from Tarkov

Well this bothered me too and I didn’t want to go through this examining nonsense again. Now look no further then into my github repository, in which I’ve published a code that will auto examine all items for you – by using picture recognition which means it’s entirely external and there’s barely any reason to be afraid of bans!

It does work very well and is optimised for a big mass of users, but there’s a couple things to pay attention to!

Make sure you also download the Image samples and unzip them into the same directory as the executable file(keep them inside the unzipped “img_samples” folder and not directly in the same directory as the executable file) or it will keep erroring saying its missing pictures

Planned Updates

  • I’m planning to make it instantly examine all Items at once, by using the Flea Market to examine items. Unfortunately I’ve not reached level 20 and unlocked the flea market yet bigeyes


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