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WriteLine External Hack For Valorant AimBot & ESP 2023

OUTDATED External Hack For Valorant

 Last Version: 11/10/2022

 Developers: 3nv0y

I started trying a few drivers and found one of them working on valorant. WriteLine External Hack For Valorant As you know, it works externally without connecting to the game.

That’s why he can go crazy often in your short scans. As a result of my own tests, after using it for 1 week without exaggeration, there was no ban status. However, I do not recommend that those who do Not know how to remove a PC- Hardware ban should use this WriteLine External Hack For Valorant AimBot!

I repeat !!! Those who do not know how to open PC Ban should not use this WriteLine External Hack For Valorant !!! Because it doesn’t have a clever shape, you may occasionally get locked into similar shadows and dimensions within the map and encounter situations where it no longer connects with the sport.

Check here for Valorant hardware Unban: MadSpoofer v2

external hack for valorant

How to use this WriteLine External Hack For Valorant?

Step to step tutorial about how you launch the WriteLine External Hack For Valorant Needs:

  1. Hyper-V Disabled, Virtualization enabled and Secure boot enabled
  2. Check if you’r Antivirus is off.
  3. Download and extract the WriteLine External Hack to a folder.
  4. Press: “CTRL + R” And a little window shout pop up.
  5. Type: “%temp%” in the little box and press enter.
  6. Go back to folder with the cheat in it and Right Click the file 9999999999.sys and press: “Copy”.
  7. Then go to the temp folder and right click a empty space next to the files and press: “Paste”.
  8. Now go to the folder with the cheat in it and Dubble click the file called: “DriverLoad.exe”.
  9. The file called: “9999999999.sys” should have disapeard (If it didn’t disapear run the file: “DriverLoad.exe” till it does.
  10. Right click the file: “WriteLine.exe” and press: “Run as administrator”
  11. Wait till the file shows: 555… then launch the game.
  12. Put you’r game in: “Windowd borderless” for the cheat to showup and the esp to work. Have fun
  13. Run Administrator WriteLine.exe
  14. Waiting “Please open Valorant…”
  15. Menu Key: END
  16. If ESP or Aimbot doesn’t work for you, run DriverLoad.exe in RaR File with administrator permission and try again. (NOTE: Only people who do not work with ESP, Aimbot should do this.)
  17. Enjoy this free valorant hack 🙂

Tutorial Video:

Status Info for Valorant AimBot Cheat:

Maximum 2-3 Deathmacths Shot per Day. Ban Status Not Encountered Yet I guess it may be disclosed in 1 week. Since Aimbot is not mine, I did not throw any obsf, anyone who wants can look at the line of code they want, if they are curious, they can learn the logic of image processing.



  • Customizable Aimbot
  • Smooth Angles
  • Visible Check
  • FOV Circle
  • Adjustable FOV
  • Adjustable Smoothing
  • Custom Hit-Bone
  • Aim Key

  • Box ESP
  • Head ESP
  • Bones ESP
  • Health Bar
  • Distance ESP
  • Lines
  • Color Picker
  • Radar
  • Glow

  • No Fps LOW
  • Maximum privacy, and high security
  • 24/7 support available via Discord
  • Supports Windowed, and Borderless
  • Simple Set-up


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  1. 209475

    Isnt this cheat and this cheat same cuz looks very similar DogProBot Free Valorant Hack – AimBot, ESP, Radar Features

    • 1

      If loader close after you open GAME, need enable HYPER V and make sure you run loader with administrator permission !
      Virtualization will be on
      Open powershell (administrator) and paste this: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V -All

      • 183306

        hey 3nv0y, do u know their discord server?

        i was banned :/ also which winver supported?
        is mad spoofer removes van 152? (HWID BAN)?
        and i might the updated version of writeline……

  1. 213616

    there is no file 9999999999.sys

  2. 209475

    can i get unban in dc server got banned for nothing lol my tag (burkaens#8064)

  3. 209475

    Isnt this cheat and this cheat same cuz looks very similar DogProBot Free Valorant Hack – AimBot, ESP, Radar Features

  4. 209475

    It worked in bot game but when i joined unranked esp wasnt working

  5. 213643

    Cant work with Win 11

  6. 213643

    Password Zip?

  7. 1824

    This cheat is not working.

  8. 191388

    In CMD, I just see the Writeline and Discord URLs, but nothing else.

  9. 194738

    does work win dows 11

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