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Free Vanta Valorant Cheat | ESP, Aimbot Working 2023

OUTDATED Free Vanta Valorant Cheat

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: By CheatCity.Net & Codex

Free Vanta Valorant Cheat was leaked by Codex and is UNDETECTED. This Free Valorant hack has been made free by cheatcity.net developers and is quite easy to use. Don’t forget to visit us for more free valorant cheats and hacks.

Do not forget to thank CheatCity.Net in the comments for offering us valorant hacks, and you can also go to their website and buy Spoofer or paid valorant cheats (Optionel)

Setup Step for Free Vanta Valorant Cheat

  • Only windows version 1803 – 1809 is supported.
  • Use Grub2Win or manually load VantaPaste.efi using EFI shell
  • Open Valorant
  • Open Crâck.exe as administrator
  • Press enter
  • Go to your settings in Valorant game and change to windowed fullscreen
    or windowed mode.
  • Enjoy

Features of Free Vanta Valorant Cheat

free vanta valorant cheat

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Comments (42)

Popular Comments
  1. 40593

    thanks, finally its work haha

  1. 180163

    perma ban didnt even work

  2. 183561

    i see the cheat in game but it didn’t work ,any idea of why ?

  3. 183561

    idk i see the cheat in game but i didn’t work , any idea ?

  4. 39644

    got banned without even using lmfao

  5. 164207

    I got bluescreened when i loadriver is something wrong or

  6. 181921

    DATE: 09.02.2022

  7. 79052

    its not really working
    cuz my esp dont sho

  8. 40593

    please help me, how to load vantapaste.efi ?

  9. 96967

    – Only windows version 1803 – 1809 is supported
    – but i have version 22000

  10. 96967

    does not support windows 11 🙁

  11. 75346

    how do i load the efi

  12. 183464

    which key, which driver

  13. 183461

    How do i use Grub2win?

  14. 37632

    What Codex now making cheat for valorant?! WTF.XD

  15. 177220

    Don’t use too much, if you are reported by your team mates, you will get banned.

  16. 123833

    easy to get ban ?

  17. 123833

    easy to detected and get ban ?

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