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External Rust No Recoil Script v1.0 | With Python

UNDETECTED External Rust No Recoil Script

 Last Version: 21/12/2021

 Developers: NunoZzzZ

Another undetected External Rust No Recoil Script! You need to use this free rust script with Pthon so External Rust No Recoil Script will work for you fully and help you to get the advantages in the game. Follow the instructions below carefully, I’ve been using this Script for a long time and I’m not banned. You can use it in all versions of Rust game (Steam or non-Steam)

rust norecoil
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How to use External Rust No Recoil Script

Need to install some requirements
Download python, Start CMD and paste this:

  • py -m pip install cryptography==3.4.8
  • py -m pip install mysql==0.0.3
  • py -m pip install mysql-connector==2.2.9
  • py -m pip install mysqlclient==2.0.3
  • py -m pip install pypiwin32==223
  • py -m pip install PyQt5==5.15.4
  • py -m pip install PyQt5-Qt5==5.15.2
  • py -m pip install PyQt5-sip==12.9.0
  • py -m pip install pyttsx3==2.90
  • py -m pip install pywin32==300
  • py -m pip install qtconsole==5.1.1
  • py -m pip install QtPy==1.11.0
  • py -m pip install rsa==4.7.2
  • py -m pip install pyinstaller==4.7

Just execute.

External Rust No Recoil Script Operating keys

  • F7/F8 – Cycles weapons
  • HOME – Cycles scopes
  • END – Turns off

Winrar Password: 123

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Comments (5)

  1. 160758

    Hello, your overlay in your code dont work bro. How can i fix it ?

  2. 167327

    I don’t know, I downloaded python, I launched CMD, I pasted it and nothing, do the tutorial on yt and give a link on how to download it

  3. 151775

    so what does it install exectly

  4. 15219

    Will you get banned for this?

    • 1

      If you don’t like it, don’t download it. We don’t force anyone to do anything. If you don’t want to be banned go find another one.

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