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External Sea Of Thieves Hack | Free SOT Cheat v3.6.2

UNDETECTED External Sea Of Thieves Hack

 Last Version: 12/12/2023

 Developers: Gummy

External Sea Of Thieves Hack updated again. You can download the Sea Of Thieves Cheat, which is always renewed by its developer, from our website for free. If you are planning to get ahead of your competitors, this cheat is for you. Sea Of Thieves is a 2018 action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios.

The player assumes the role of a pirate who completes voyages from different trading companies to become the ultimate pirate legend. This  Sea Of Thieves Hack External works securely for your computer Steam account and Xbox game console. If you want, you can see another sea of thieves cheats on our site. But the most up-to-date cheat that works as of 12.09.2021 is this external sea of thieves cheats.external sea of thieves hack

Features of External Sea Of Thieves Hack

  • Simple Menu
  • Custom Keybinds
  • Aimbot
  • ESP (animals, world, islands, players, treasures, and more)
  • Misc
  • Chicken ESP (Shows chickens)
  • Megalodon ESP (Shows megalodon)
  • Snake ESP (Shows snakes)
  • Chests, Crate ESP (Shows’s chests)
  • Oxygen Level (Oxygen indicator)
  • Skeleton ESP (Shows skeletons)
  • Mermaid ESP (Shows mermaids)
  • Custom ESP Size.
  • Custom Treasure ESP (Shows treasure)
  • Name ESP
  • Steering level (Shows how much the ship’s rudder is turned)
  • In-Game menu (Convenient in-game menu)
  • Ship Water Level ESP (Display of the level of flooding)
  • Skull Cloud ESP (Shows skulls)
  • Lore ESP (Shows chests, skulls, and other things)
  • Pig ESP (Shows pigs)
  • Message In A Bottle ESP (Shows messages in a bottle)
  • Weapon ESP (Shows weapon)
  • Custom ESP Distance Slider.
  • Damage zone ESP (Show damage to the ship)
  • Quest ESP (Shows active public events, events, skeleton forts)
  • Showing directions (shows direction without a compass)
  • Custom ESP Colors.
  • Box ESP
  • Shark ESP (Shows sharks)
  • Health ESP
  • Custom Ship ESP (Shows ships)

Controls for External Sea Of Thieves Hack

  • Insert – Open Menu
  • Right Click Box – Set Custom Keybind

Anti-cheat status: – Bypass anti-cheat game Game version: – Latest version for PC [Steam / MS Store] Update Note: Security updates Sea of Thieves Hacks Menu 


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Comments (96)

Popular Comments
  1. 521887

    please update doesn’t work from the latest November update I’m pretty sure

  2. 378407

    Insert – Open Menu: is blocked for steam game open menu for press insert. pls fix you

  3. 472554

    the menu wont show up in the game but it will show up in the homescreen

  4. 461200

    doesn´t work anymore but it was great before they paatch it

  5. 452828

    ESP is working, but nothing in aimbot. how to use that?

  6. 434807


  7. 267707

    How does it work? It just opens the terminal!

  8. 188900

    Whenever I try to run the .exe I get an error message that says “The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found” And once I click ok I just get another that says “The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNNTIME140.dll was not found”
    I do not even know if I’m executing it right?
    Do you have a discord server mabye where someone could help me install it correctly?
    Also I’m on MS store version

  9. 109499

    Does anyone have any info on when will the update be out?

  10. 189846

    Not sure if you guys are still doing updates on this one but latest patch broke it. Love this hack so can’t wait for it to be updated!

  11. 161717

    No longer works in new patch. Waiting for updates. Thanks 3nv0y and Gummy

  12. 227549

    when u go to the URLCut website it has a 1XXX Error.

  13. 189846

    Not working with today’s game update. No player esp or items esp. Much thanks to you 3nv0y for doing updates

  14. 189843

    Güncellenmesi gerek lütfen güncelleyiniz

  15. 188900

    When i press insert nothing appears, the only problem is my keyboard dosen’t have an insert button so i have to press Win + Ctrl + O to get the visual keyboard. does this work or not? (Yes im using the MS vesrion)

  16. 186692

    Download is currently not working, Please fix.

  17. 60485

    Game as been update. This cheat not working anymore. The cheat need update. some script not working and some of it work but not stable

  18. 185926

    got a question why when i run the cheat the cheat works for 15 seconds and then just deletes?

  19. 60485

    Game as been update. This cheat not working anymore. The cheat need update

  20. 184658

    Hello do you mind adding ESP for Key ESP and Map ESP

  21. 183185

    Pls Update, several things no longer work z.b ESP

  22. 134172

    im using the cheat but nothing is working for example ESP and aimbot arent working

  23. 120079

    the mega link dont work what can i do

  24. 97296

    how do you open up file onse you have downloaded it

  25. 69256

    last update season 4 not function this hack 🙁

  26. 20261

    he removed aimbot so the paid won’t get detected this is a free version

  27. 35984

    it just opens a process and a window when I press insert it doesn’t work

  28. 21193

    Anyone wondering why it doesn’t work. Yesterday the game was updated you need to wait for gummy to update the cheat.

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