Sea of Thieves Quick Swap Tool (Fast Storage & Bucket)


 Version: 19.08.2021

 Developers: TheGeogeo

Sea of Thieves Quick Swap Tool (Fast Storage, Fast Bucket)

Sea of Thieves Quick Swap Tool is an app that lets you swap weapons quickly. You can downlaod this tool for free on our website.

Other than being able to swap between weapons quickly, this tool also comes with other features and custimzation options like auto bucket. This features automatically uses the bucket for you. As for customization, you can also select whether the tool should open the armory or not (while swapping between weapons). Other than that you cal also change the hotkey to shift b from shift v.

Sea of Thieves Quick Swap Tool – Installation
  1. Download the tool by clicking on the red download button which can be found under this post
  2. Extract the tool from the archive using the password that is under the download button
  3. After extracting, start Sea of Thieves
  4. Open the tool
  5. Enjoy 🙂

If you run into any issues during the insalattion, join our Discord server so that we can help you.

Sea of Thieves Quick Swap Tool – Features & Keybinds
  • Select Cutlass
  • Select Weapon
  • Toggle Open Armory
  • Auto Bucket [X]
  • Crosshair [F12]
  • Auto Reload Cannon [Middle Mouse Button]
  • Crate to Barrel (Bottom) [Num Pad 0]
  • Barrel to Crate (Bottom) [Num Pad 1]
  • Barrel to Crate (Top) [Num Pad 2]
  • Crate to Barrel (Top) [Num Pad 3]
Developer Notes

Hey, I share you my little tool for swap the first weapon quickly.
It’s pretty useful in fight.

this thread have more feature : SoT AHK Multi-Script
I just share my tool update and optimization.

1) short cut “drop” is basicly x change it by g
2) for the crosshair you need play in windows mode
3) for auto storage it use AZERTY keyboard so swap it with shit+alt (you need add it in your settings windows)


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