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EternityApex Free

DETECTED EternityApex Free

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: xYapex

Hi guys,
is a new free cheat for Apex Legends with GlowESP and AimAssist 2020 features, which you can download from our website Whocheater.com.

EternityApex Free

It’s a very simple Apex cheat, but also irreplaceable. There are all the basic functions that you can master other players.

GLOWESP function where you will see players from behind walls on the map;
AimAssist will improve your footage, make it accurate and fast.
Starting this cheat is very simple – watch the tutorial video and you can launch this free cheat yourself in Apex Legends.

Tutorial Video will be added soon.

Currently no cheating has been detected, but you are still using it at your own risk and risk.


  • Start the bootloader;
  • Click Parody (optional);
  • Click on Inject;
    apex 2



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