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Fall Guys Agent Cheat | External Fall Guys Hack 2023

DETECTED Fall Guys Agent Cheat

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: FloppaDaddy

Fall Guys Agent Cheat is the only and the Best, Undetected External Fall Guys Hack that you can find. It is made for our cheat loader, MadUI, and it contains so many great features such as Fall Guys Fly Hack, so that you will never lose a match ever again.

Since this is a Fall Guys Cheat made for us, and for you guys, our beloved MadUI users. You can rest assured that this cheat will not go out of date, and will constantly up-to-date as long as we maintain it. On top of that, it comes with a free Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) bypass, meaning that you can use it without worrying about the safety of your account. Tho, we obviously recommend you play it safe as you probably do not want to get reported by other players in the same match as you.

But you may be asking yourself what you can do with this amazing Fall Guys Agent Cheat? Well I will go in detail about about the features and what the best way is to use them down below. But quickly summarized, what you can do is that, you can adjust your speed with the Fall Guys Speed Hack to be faster anyone else in your lobby, make it easier to walk by using No Collision and No Stun

fall guys agent cheat

How to Stay Safe While Using the Fall Guys Agent Cheat

Now, this cheat completely undetected and safe to use when you inject the cheat into the game, but what this section is about is how to stay under the radar and avoid reports while playing with other players.

When it comes cheating in online multiplayer games like Fall Guys, especially for games that use a decent and a good anti cheat, you always need to be careful even when the cheat you are using is undetected, just like this Free Fall Guys Hack.

How to Safely Use the Fly / Speed Hack

While using this, you really really want to pay attention to how you look in game. If you set this this really low values, you probably will be able to get away with it as many people won’t even notice that the gravity is literally working in your favor. But if you set this too high, you will just look like a bird, and we know that birds aren’t the best animals when it comes to looking like a legit Fall Guys player.

The same pretty much goes for the speed adjustment feature of Fall Guys Agent Cheat as well, over-doing it will definitely cause suspicions, so only rage while using this cheat if you are on an account that you wouldn’t care losing.

fall guys agent cheat

Fall Guys Agent Cheat | No Stun / Collision

These are probably the best ones that you can use because people will not even realize that these are on. The reason why these are the ones that we recommend is that, they do not have any visual giveaways that let the other player know that you are using such features. Stuff like No Stun Hack or No Collision Hack for Fall Guys are functions that only you will notice while playing.

You might also want to check out a similar Fall Guys Hack on our website: FlyingGuys External Hack

Fall Guys Agent Cheat | Features and Hotkeys




  • Fly
  • Speed
  • No Stun
  • ESP Soon
  • No Collision
  • Configs
  • Aimbot on players (like a joke)
  • Working now on (Steam + Epic Games)
  • Auto EAC bypass so it (fully ud)

How to Use the Fall Guys Agent Cheat?

  1. First, go on the MadUI download page and install the loader on your device
  2. After that, make an account on our MadUI forum
  3. Run MadUI on your device and login to the app using your forum credentials
  4. Open Fall Guys
  5. In the loader, find the Fall Guys Agent Cheat and start it
  6. Enjoy and have fun!


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