Farm Manager 2021 Trainer


 Version: 1.2

 Developers: wh0am1

Preview Release Trainer for Farm Manager 2021, It’s a new take on Farming Sim, it’s a point and click whereas others are all like 3D interaction. This is more like a City Builder. WIP, but this should be sufficient for needs. Expanding the assets for hemp so you can grow pot farm, and some other cool things, like crop circles, and others. wink

Enables a Dev Menu for goodies, instant build, no requirements, etc, and also an auto-farm builder. smile

info blueRequirements:

A working install of either Doorstop or BepInEx, or your favorite injector..

Install Farm Manager 2021 Trainer:

If using Doorstop – Place file anywhere and specify it in the Doorstop.ini

If using BepInEx (Recommended) – Place the Trainer dll within the ‘BepInEx\Plugins’ folder.

If using Standalone Injector, place file anywhere and within your chosen injector specify the following:

Namespace: Trainer
Class: TrainerLoader
Method: Init

farm manager 2021 trainer

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