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Fortnite Lunar Aim Assist Hack | Cheats for Fortnite 2022

UNDETECTED Fortnite Lunar Aim Assist Hack

 Last Version: 26/03/2022

 Developers: zeyad-mansour

Fortnite Lunar Aim Assist Hack is an easy to use open-source Python image recognition Cheat for Fortnite that detects enemies on your screen by reading it and searching for objects that look like players.

Unlike other common Cheats and Hacks for Fortnite, this Fortnite Lunar Aim Assist Hack is based on neural network and neural network cheats are not really super new as we have seen a lot of them in the last 2 years or so, especially in game like Valorant and CSGO where some people try to avoid using internal hacks for security as well as safety reasons. And when neural network cheats are the topic, the go-to programming language is obviously Python as it provides us with many libraries to work with making image recognition even easy for beginners that are trying to learn programming.

Fortnite Lunar Aim Assist Hack | Showcase

How to Use Fortnite Lunar Aim Assist Hack

  1. Download the cheat from the download button down below
  2. Extract all of the files into a folder that you don’t forget
  3. Download and install Python 3.8 or higher
  4. Navigate to the root directory. Use the package manager pip to install the necessary dependencies
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. To update sensitivity settings:
    python lunar.py setup

    To collect image data for annotating and training:

    python lunar.py collect_data
  6. Finally to run the script, do:
    python lunar.py
  7. Enjoy and have fun!

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Comments (17)

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  1. 184839

    bro you have discord

  1. 96967

    it works but the aimbot doesn’t lock on the people it looks on the trees XD

  2. 185339

    whats the best x and y and aim settings to use with this cheat?

  3. 185339

    Aim flickers when i use it sometimes it locks on most the time it flickers

  4. 185339

    still undetected ? cause there is a update

  5. 185078

    Make a clearer tutorial

  6. 184961

    Whats the password to acess it

  7. 54474

    I can’t find the PIP installation – R requirement you said in the root directory

  8. 54474

    I don’t understand your instructions. Can you do a video tutorial

  9. 184674

    i got it to work but its flicring too much i cant even kill its like pulling my aim sideways

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