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Free Cheat for Steam Rust 2021 Download (No Recoil & Spead)

OUTDATED Free Cheat for Steam Rust 2021 Download (No Recoil & Spead)

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: xLamantine

Free Cheat for Steam Rust is a great Hack for the original version of Rust with many functions like No Recoil which you can download on our website

Most of the cheats and hacks that you will find on the internet are not for the original version of the Rust meaning that it is hard to find one that is made for the original. And Free Cheat for Steam Rust is a perfect one that some very nice simple functions that will satisfy your needs in the game

How to Use Free Cheat for Rust

  1. Download Free Cheat for Steam Rust
  2. After the download process has finished, you will see a rar archive which contains all of the necessary files for the cheat itself
  3. Extract those files into a folder of your choice
  4. Launch Rust
  5. Navigate to the folder where you extracted the files of the cheat
  6. Run cmd.exe and copy and paste “mapper.exe LamantineSDKDriver.sys” in the cmd
  7. After that simply run Simplicity Cheats.exe
  8. Now you are good to go, focus on the Rust window and press Insert [INS] to toggle the menu

Developer Notes

Free Cheat for Steam Rust – the official version. Posted in honor of the launch of sales of the paid version of the cheat. The archive contains a driver, cheat, mapper. The driver is my ancient paste, connected with UM on IOCTL, that is, the ban is inevitable. If that is the name of the entry point LamantineEntry. The driver is mapped through the console from the admin, that is, start the console, specify the path to the folder, and write mapper.exe LamantineSDKDriver.sys from the directory. Then run Simplicity Cheats.exe from the admin after starting the game. Menu button: Insert, Panic: END. I must say right away that this version has nothing to do with the private one.

No Recoil (no recoil, i.e. no recoil in the 0.0 tab)
No Spread
Fake Admin (no bypass)
You can assume that this is a free Phoenix Hack.

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  1. 142246

    I kind of got it too work,

  1. 142246

    The no recoil doesnt work but the no spread does!

  2. 142246

    Doesnt work the cmd just says synax or just says doesnt work

  3. 116510

    DON’T WORK !!!!

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