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Free Cheat Genshin Impact v4.0.1 | KOREPI Keyless Hack

UNDETECTED Free Cheat Genshin Impact

 Last Version: 25/09/2023

 Developers: Strigger

Hi guys, this great Free Cheat Genshin Impact | KOREPI Free Hack has unique genshin impact hacking features. It offers you the best and most up-to-date features. This genshin impact Free cheat is inspired by Strigger and you will see its features in the images, I must say that it is a genshin impact chea that has everything you need. Visit our category for more Free Genshin Impact Cheats and Hacks.

Features of Free Cheat Genshin Impact:

free cheat genshin impact

  • General
  • Player
  • World
  • Teleport
  • Visuals

  • Translations: English, Russian(Not full), Chinese(ZHT/ZHS)
  • Protection Bypass
  • In-Game GUI
  • Hotkeys
  • Notifications
  • RSA Patch

  • God Mode(Invincible)
  • Attack Modifier: Multi-Hit/Target/Animation
  • No Cooldown: Skill/Ultimate/Sprint/Bow
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • No Clip

  • Auto Seelie
  • Open Team Immediately
  • Dumb Enemies
  • Freeze Enemies
  • Auto Destroy: Ores/Shields/Doodads/Plants
  • Auto Loot/Open Chests
  • Pickup Range
  • Auto Talk
  • Skip Cutscenes
  • Skip Enhance Animation
  • Auto Tree Farm
  • Auto Cook
  • Fake Time
  • Auto Fish
  • Kill Aura
  • Mob Vacuum
  • Vacuum Loot

  • Chest/Oculi Teleport (Teleports to nearest)
  • Map Teleport (Teleport to mark on map)
  • Custom Teleport (Teleport through list)
  • Quest Teleport (Teleport to active quest)

  • ESP
  • Interactive Map
  • Elemental Sight
  • No Fog
  • FPS Unlock
  • Camera Zoom
  • Show Team CD
  • Show Chest Indicator
  • Hide UI
  • In-game Embedded Browser
  • Enable Peeking
  • Animation Changer
  • Emotion Changer
  • Profile Changer: UID/Nickname/AR/WorldLevel
  • Custom Weather
  • Free Camera
  • Paimon Follow
  • Debugging
  • Entities Manager
  • Position Info
  • FPS Graph
  • Packet Sniffer

How To Use the Free Cheat Genshin Impact:

  1. Download KOREPI Free Hack for Genshin Impact
  2. Ensure that HoYoKProtect.dll is in the same folder that injector.exe.
  3. Run injector.exe.
  4. After the login page appeared, press F1 to open Korepi GUI.
  5. Enjoy


FAQ for Free Cheat Genshin Impact:

What is Genshin Impact Korepi Hack ?

  • KOREPI Free Hack is a certain anime game free cheat that includes various memory modification features to enhance your gameplay experience.

What is the difference between fans and sponsors?

  • Fans are users who have permission to use the Micah bot.
  • Sponsors have access to additional communication channels and extra memory modification features (such as water walking).

Where is KOREPI’s GitHub?

  • KOREPI-TUTORIAL is a tutorial repository owned by the KOREPI Free Hack organization.

Where can I donate to you guys?

  • The donation address can be found at ⁠#sponsorship (in Cotton Buds discord server).

How do I use when downloaded already?

How do I obtain or reset a key?

  • To obtain an online verification key, enter /getkey in ⁠#micah-bot-verify. To reset a key, enter /resetkey (this will reduce the key’s validity by 1 day and may trigger a cooldown period).

Why am I seeing garbled characters?

  • Garbled characters may be caused by your computer system lacking Chinese fonts. To resolve this, you can download Chinese fonts online, such as Microsoft YaHei.

What is the difference between online verification and local verification?

  • Online verification refers to the method of accessing an online verification server for authentication.
  • For instructions on local verification, please refer to #micah-bot-verify.

How should I choose the corresponding version?

  • When choosing the corresponding version, consider the following factors:

    • P series: Public series with code updates only once and no further maintenance.
    • F series: Online verification version managed by Strigger7, using the Micah bot to verify through a network server. Some regions may have restricted access, but it is convenient.
    • V series: Local verification version managed by Micah, using the Micah bot to verify local features,Enhance anti-detection capabilities Please choose according to your needs.

ChangeLog / Strigger Says;

  • For 4.0.1, its no key version, features unlocked
  • Nothing updated, just removed key

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  1. 93718

    Thanks for this GenShit

  1. 509228

    we need the new link for discord

  2. 223862

    not updated for 4.1, pls update

  3. 230434

    hi –Failed to detect any game version. If you sure that cheat has updated for current game version, and you downloaded the correct one. how can ifix this?

  4. 501305

    [Error] [il2cpp-init.cpp:296] Failed to detect any game version. If you sure that cheat has updated for current game ver

  5. 185716

    We need a new discord link….

  6. 242549

    discord link not working

  7. 89571

    cant join discord link, temporary paused.

  8. 230434

    make video how get key and play plz

  9. 90566

    it requires a licence but i have to use a vpn. it doesnt allow me to get the liscence because i have a vpn on

  10. 428261

    it says enter license need help

  11. 452923

    what is the license ?

  12. 475375

    still not working

  13. 428261

    not sure why changed the name to v4.0 and the infos about it got changed but yet the cheats says outdated + last update 8 days ago maybe need to wait for few more days?

  14. 479088

    Waiting for 4.0 update😭

  15. 205826

    Are you sure its updated? it doesn’t work!

  16. 421651

    not working please help error Failed to detect any game version. If you sure that cheat has updated for current game version, and you downloaded the correct one.

  17. 472688

    does the 4.0 work for anyone?

  18. 472688

    cant wait for 4.0, best cheats for genshin

  19. 428267

    can’t wait for the 4.0 cheats

  20. 428261

    waiting for the best cheats to get released for 4.0 update 🔥🔥

  21. 185084

    can someone help me verfiy my hwid in there discord server bc the inv based

  22. 228145

    not working .. i do step like in the video tutorial but cheat doesn’t show up

  23. 472688

    is there a custom skins feature?

  24. 217201

    Can you provide a CN version?

  25. 89571

    hmm..why cheats menu not showing up.. when i press F1?
    can someone help me?

  26. 445494

    A very simple one unlike others, def a 10/10 had no problems entering the game.. looking forward to the 3.8 version of this

  27. 1

    The new Korepi update will be up in several days.
    -Thank you to everyone that is supporting Korepi, and especially thank you to everyone that are patient for a new update.

  28. 428261

    Guys for people like me trying to join discord , I read from github of this cheats that the discord is closed and the translator that said that doesnt know when is it going to be opened back

  29. 161717

    I the discord server full? I cant join

  30. 431641

    I cant join the discord

  31. 429761

    why it doesnt have oculi/chest teleport ?

  32. 427413

    what my account is at risk even not use korepi anymore, i use it for speedup mondstadt-inazuma 100%, bcz i got off when sumeru relase and my account was sold. i do spiral abyss 2x with “abnormal history”.

    please answer

  33. 341693

    discord link pls its not working

  34. 420040

    how to open menu

  35. 4196

    after entering the game, the cheat instead shows “nothing here”, and several tabs such as fps indicators and active features. is the developer joking??!!

  36. 399744

    YOU NEED TO PUT CONFIG FROM OTHER INJECTOR LIKE A: “acrepi; kebabi etc” into the config from this cheat.
    And it will be work.

  37. 217599

    still not working.

  38. 416744

    where is the download link

  39. 411058

    there is no teleport option (idont activate anything else i try it just loking for teleport)

  40. 411368

    not working…

  41. 300460

    download the latest one, but when i press F1 nothing happens. any help?

  42. 251445

    discord link isn’t working dude !!!

    • 386016

      You have to start the injector and then copy the link that will appear in the cmd. Access through it. But I warn you right away that the hack is full of bugs and malfunctions.

  43. 353507

    is it for 3.7??

  44. 405809

    Is anyone else getting the “theres a problem with your connection” error when trying to download anything or is it just me?

  45. 386016

    It’s not working, it doesn’t even open the menu. Are you still updating?

  46. 409284

    Kapan untuk 3.7 tod

  47. 408059

    Version 3.7 is available. Do we still use it or need to wait.

  48. 299475

    I´ve get this error whenever i start “incejctor”

    Error at hooking API “NtProtectVirtualMemory” Dumping first 32 bytes

    Can someone help me please?

  49. 65013

    Crash after inject

  50. 143058

    hello! i wonder if it can work on China genshin impact?

  51. 138978

    Crash after inject

  52. 136529

    Crash after inject

  53. 80127

    Crashes after inject

  54. 69875

    Is the adventure rank hack only cosmetic or does it actually change the rank, and is it detected/bannable?

  55. 100776

    is there a way to login without verifying email? because i lost my email on my account

  56. 97455

    Crashes after injection though might take a while to update since the dev is busy with work

  57. 114724

    the game crashes after injection

  58. 115943

    btw it crashes after injecting

  59. 119708

    do u have any video tutorial to share ?

  60. 93718

    Thanks for this GenShit

  61. 118204

    crash after inject

  62. 59151

    crash after inject

  63. 125610

    crash after inject ( ‘mhyprot2’ terminated )

  64. 115652

    crash after inject

  65. 119409

    AND can the author add the function of automatically absorbing materials within hundreds of meters

  66. 119409

    It doesn’t work on Chinese version

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