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Genshin Impact Teleport Hack 2.2 [2021 Free Download]

OUTDATED Genshin Impact Teleport Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: 0x3730

We are back again with an awesome Genshin Impact Teleport Hack. The developer 0x3730 added this hack to our website and allowed me to make a few sentences over the text. It is very easy to use the cheat, launch the teleport.exe application and spawn to the location you choose from the map. Check out more of our Genshin Impact Cheats And hacks Categories.


Genshin Impact Game About:

First of all, a large map welcomes us in the Genshin Impact game, and there are certain characters and classes. You can move around the map as you wish, collect various things and improve your character and weapons. There are enemies in some parts of the map, you can fight them and collect XP. In some places, there are big boss battles, you can enter the war with your friends if you want. Apart from these, there is also the story of the game. You continue the story with your own choices and the choices affect the game. Of course, the game has good as well as bad sides, let’s take a look at them, dear readers.


How to use Genshin Impact Teleport Hack 2.1:

  1. Load the game completely.
  2. Open Process Hacker (as admin)->Double click on process->Handles->Find
  3. Open LittleTeleport.exe (as admin).
  4. Now u can use the Genshin Impact Teleport Hack
  5. Select location
  6. Press “Enter”
  7. Open the map
  8. Select the random point for teleportation and teleport
  9. After this cheat will spoof ur cords, while teleporting by game.


  1. “Arrow Up & Down” – for selecting file with location.
  2. “Enter” – for “charging” teleport.
  3. “F6” – for showing ur real position (used for creating ur locations).
  4. “F7” – for disabling holding (use it after then textures is loaded, otherwise u may fall under map).

Other info:

  1. Locations path – C:Locs (cheat automatically create dir, after start).
  2. Location format:
    x=some float value.
    y=some float value.
    z=some float value.

Developer Note for Genshin Impact Teleport Hack: 

Hi, guys. I dont saw working teleport on CheaterMAD site (also like in p2c), so i created my own teleport.

Teleport got a “big” update
[What was added ]
1. Added GUI
2. Added teleport by map marker
3. Added ability to save locations
4. Improved stability

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  1. 74433

    (ALRIGHT) for everyone here who has the problem “you dont have a location” you need to make the quardinates for the places you want to teleport to yourself, or you could get them from the discord. If you are using this for the first time, running it will look like this:
    run as admin & close
    folder called Locs will be created in your main drive
    place the .txt files you made with the coordinates in them.
    After this you’ll:
    run it as admin
    use it with ArrowUp, ArrowDown, Enter
    teleport somewhere in game and you’ll appear wherever you selected through LittleTeleport
    press F7 after 5 seconds

  2. 98339

    how can i create a location files? I run the exec and it says “u dont have a location”.

  3. 93957

    Couldnt get UnityPlayer.dll base addr! it says

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