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 Version: jan 14, 2021

 Developers: Coderbox1

Hello dear cheatermad members, in this article I will show you how to cheat phasmophobia. First of all, we download the Free Cheat Tables from the red download button below, and above the download button, you do the construction phase that I have given you in the form of a list.

This Phasmophobia cheat includes many features. The most important features are as follows;

  • Fulbright
  • 360 Head (Others see it too!)
  • Custom Flashlight Brightness
  • Game tint
  • Ghost room

How to Use Phasmophobia Free Cheat Tables :

  • Download Cheat Engine at
  • Download the cheat table above that matches your game
  • Open the cheat table and Click the Computer icon
  • Select Phasmophobia or Phasmophobia.exe
  • Use the box to the left of the hacks to enable them
  • 1/2-Double-click the numbers to the right of some hacks


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