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Free Content Warning Cheat | PoopWare Internal Hack

UNDETECTED Free Content Warning Cheat

 Last Version: 05/06/2024

 Developers: starssy

Free Content Warning Cheat is certainly one of the best internal mod menus that you can acquire for Content Warning, offering you a series of features that you have always dreamt of and need in order to become a better entertainer in the game and have much more fun than you normally would by playing without a cheat.

Content Warning has been taking the gaming scene by storm, a game that people compare to other viral games that are very enjoyable when playing with friends and family, such as Among Us. But from a gameplay standpoint, it is quite different, as in the game, you try to film a bunch of monsters and make an entertaining video out of it, which you then upload on SpookTube. The more views you get, the better. Which is why you should use the Free Content Warning Cheat!

And obviously, Free Content Warning Cheat is there for you to make that much easier, allowing you to use cheat features such as teleporting, infinite oxygen, camera battery and so much more to make the process simpler and more enjoyable since you do not have to worry about all the annoying factors like running around or the battery of your video camera. With this cheat, you can do all the shenanigans you want and concentrate on the fun of your videos!

How to Use the Free Content Warning Cheat?

Notes before getting started:

  • The screenshot of the menu has an item list tab in it, but it has no uses at the moment, so the dev left it out of the build
  • There’s no item ESP because it crashed occasionally
  • You could probably dual-inject this with some other C# Content Warning cheat


  1. As always start by downloading the Free Content Warning Cheat from below
  2. Extract all the files into any directory of your choice
  3. Make sure that you have a working injector (Extreme Injector recommended by the developer)
    • Make sure not to use manual mapping method in the injector as it could lead to crashes
  4.  While the game is running, inject the cheat into the game via the injector
  5. And you are good to go! Now you can enable or disable any of the features you want.

You can also check out the showcase video of the cheat here: https://streamable.com/ihwszm

Known issues of the Free Content Warning Cheat to look out for:

  • Skeleton occasionally jitters when menu is open
  • There’s a checkbox for watermark, but it does nothing since I never added it

free content warning cheat

Free Content Warning Cheat Features


  • Teleport to dive bell
  • Model position things (Only affects other players)
  • Randomize model pos (Sets your server side model position to a random place within a range around you)
  • Hide model (Invisibility)
  • Show server pos (Renders a dot where the cheat is setting your server model position to)
  • Godmode
  • Infinite jump
  • Infinite oxygen
  • Infinite stamina
  • Infinite battery
  • Infinite camera
  • Never ragdoll
  • Freeze animations (Stops local animations from updating)
  • Force FOV + FOV Slider
  • Throw velocity multiplier + Multiplier slider


  • Add/Remove Meta Coins (MC)
  • Teleport all to realm


  • Gravity multiplier + Multiplier slider
  • Noclip + Keybind + Speed slider
  • Speedhack + Keybind + Speed slider

Player list – These features you can configure for each player in the lobby: Actions:

  • Jump
  • Randomize hat
  • Kill
  • Teleport to random realm
  • Teleport local to player (Teleports you to them)
  • Put to sleep (Makes them sleep in an empty bed if you’re in the lobby)
  • Smack + Smack force slider
  • Tase + Tase time slider
  • Heal + Heal amount slider
  • Damage + damage slider


  • Movement
  • Reverse movement
  • Speed multiplier
  • Override hat + Hat number slider
  • Earrape (Spams landing noise in their head)
  • Soft godmode (Heal spam)
  • Drag towards local (Drags them towards you and disables collision on them so they don’t push you)
  • Send to narnia (Does what you would expect it to)
  • Override visor
  • Visor text input
  • Rotation slider
  • Size slider
  • Rotation slider


  • Player ESP
  • Name
  • Health bar
  • Oxygen bar
  • Skeleton + Thickness slider
  • Monster ESP


  • List of all configs
  • Create new config
  • Config name input
  • Save/Load config
  • Reset all settings
  • Open config location
  • Accent color
  • Logo color
  • Unload cheat button


  • It fixes the issue where you try to start a server and you just get stuck loading


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