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Free Content Warning Hack | Cheat Menu with ESP, Godmode & More

UNDETECTED Free Content Warning Hack

 Last Version: 14/04/2024

 Developers: veneraj872

Free Content Warning Hack packs a set of cheating features that include a variety of categories; from player to ESP (visuals), from world modification to misc features such as custom FOV and infinite camera time. This hack absolutely has everything you need it to have.

What Is a Free Content Warning Hack?

If you are here because of the recent hype that the game Content Warning has goined let me explain to you what this cheat lets you do and how you can take advantage of it. Firs, think of this free Content Warning cheat is like having superpowers. Imagine never running out of health, oxygen, or energy while exploring the dark town. You can keep running and jumping as much as you want! This means you can keep away from monsters easier and explore more places without worrying about getting tired or not having enough air.

Also, it’s really cool because you can make your character run super fast or just a little faster with the feature called “Speed Modulation.” If you ever run into trouble, like getting zapped by lasers, there’s a way to make sure you don’t die. And guess what? You can keep using your ShockStick with this Free Content Warning Hack to keep monsters away and you won’t run out of battery for your camera, so you can film everything!

With this Free Content Warning Hack, you also get to know where your friends are, where the exit is, and even where the monsters and items are. It’s like having a map that tells you everything. You can even make it easier to see things in the dark parts of the game by pushing a button to light everything up!

And so much more! All you have to do is follow the steps below and also check out the full list of features below as well.

free content warning hack

How to Use The Free Content Warning Hack?

  1. First of all, download MelonLoader as well as the cheat from the download button below
  2. Run the Installer of MelonLoader
  3. Locate the game’s folder (of the .exe file)
  4. Uncheck the Checkbox “Latest” and pick the version v0.4.0
  5. Press install
  6. Run the game
  7. Close the game and put the .dll into the “Mods” folder (located in GameFiles)
  8. That’s it! Enjoy and have fun!

Free Content Warning Hack Features


  • Inf Heal
  • Inf Oxygen
  • Inf Stamina
  • Inf Jump
  • BreadCrumbs
  • Prevent Death (from lasers for example)
  • Speed Modulation (Modifies the Sprint speed)
  • Infinite ShockStick (can spam people with it) – Infinite Battery


  • TeamESP
  • Diving Bell ESP
  • Mob Esp
  • Mob
  • Tracers
  • Item ESP


  • Kill All Mobs (Host only)
  • Spawn custom item
  • Spawn custom monster
  • Random join a lobby


  • Watermark & Active Modules
  • Add own light to scene (Press o to activate FullBright)
  • Custom FOV
  • Add Delete Ray
  • ShopLifter
  • Infinite Camera Time
  • Add Money(host only)
  • Duplicate item


  • Select a Monster
  • Select a Player

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