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FREE CSGO Monolith Hack & Rage & Legit Config’s


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Prosp

Thanks to FREE CSGO Monolith Hack , it has become free and moved to a level where you can all use it. Playing csgo is difficult for new and novice players. Or players with bad equipment may have difficulty in the game. Getting rid of them is easy.

Thanks to the cheat, you can get everything you want. You can easily reach high levels. You can have the rank you want and you can easily get medals. Remember that every cheat has a ban risk. If you play without revealing yourself, you will not be banned.

You have to avoid impossible things and act like a good player. In short, cheating creates a bridge for you on the way to your dreams. You can use it as you wish. You can download it below.

free csgo monolith hack

Features Of FREE CSGO Monolith Hack:

  • Rage
  • Visual
  • Aniti-Aim

How to Inject FREE CSGO Monolith Hack:

  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲1: Disable windows defender/any other antivirus on your system (they do not like .dll injectors and w̲i̲l̲l̲ delete Extreme Injector)
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲̲ ̲2: Right click the zip file and extract it anywhere
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲3: Open Extreme Injector
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲4: Next to the Process Name box, click select
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲5: Near the bottom right click the Window List button & select the games process
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲6: Click the Add DLL button
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲7: Navigate to where your cheat .dll is located & select it
  • S̲t̲e̲p̲ ̲8: Click Inject & close Extreme Injector


My injector – Extreme Inject (Injection type: ManualMap) Link: (Click Here)
The configurations are fully working (Saved as files in the folder C:\Monolith\Configs)

Hi all! This is an updated cr4ck FREE CSGO Monolith Hack
(More specifically, this is the support version of monolith.club )

Update log:
-reworked clantag
-add grenade helper
* improved config system

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  1. 187830

    7/18/2022 still not work

  1. 161222

    whats the zipline code

  2. 161222

    whats the zip code?

  3. 187830

    7/18/2022 still not work

  4. 168774

    still crashing after inject idfk why

  5. 158994


  6. 20922

    If it doesnt work remember to put manual map in the injector settings

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