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Free DayZ Cheat | Pirate 1.21 Internal DayZ Hack

USE AT OWN RISK Free DayZ Cheat | Pirate Internal DayZ Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: marquinhoos3

We’ve been at version Free DayZ Cheat 1.21 for a while now, and I suspect there are many more because I’m playing on a server that’s been slow to update. Thanks to two people, especially Miraka, it is able to use the Mafiosee internal source in pirated Battleye so easy. I made some changes to the original source, removing and adding items; perhaps I messed everything up, but it works. I apologize for having so many stuff in PT-BR, but I’m too lazy to edit them.

Instructions of DayZ Free Cheat

  1. Start the DayZ game
  2. Ensure that the injector is running as administrator.
  3. Drag the dll inside the injector
  4. Use aimbot to get a ban xD
  5. To access the menu, press DELETE.

Features of Free DayZ Cheats & Hacks

Free DayZ Cheats & Hacks make looting easier and faster, and they allow you to totally equip up in almost no time at all. Furthermore, it makes it easy to spot your foes as well as your friends, so you don’t have to waste time hunting for them if you’re seeking for trouble or some good times with a friend. We have the best dayz free cheats at cheatermad.com – they are safe, good, and stable to use.

free dayz cheat | pirate internal dayz hack

cheatermad.com free dayz hacks are the safest on the website; we tend to remove it if even one report comes in, even though the likelihood of it being a standard admin ban rather than a batteeye ban is extremely high.

Dayz Aimbot Hacks ;

Some of the The Dayz Hacks we provide include an aimbot feature; this is usually a quiet aim, which means that if you shoot near someone, you will still hit them. Dayz aimbot is incredibly effective while also appearing very legitimate if an admin is watching you.

dayz aimbot hacks

The Free DayZ hacks and cheats we provide are usable and available on both dayz official servers as well as private ones with a few mods (addons). This makes it easy to find bases and kill those on the private servers who have a lot of loot, and it also makes it super easy to have a good time with your friends while making your enemy suffer.

DayZ ESP / WallHack Cheats ;

dayz esp / wallhack cheats

ESP is one of the most important aspects in Dayz. This is because the game is designed to have you running about looking at stuff in the game. The DayZ ESP Hack greatly aids in this, since you do not need to hunt for every single house, but instead can simply enter those that hold important items for you at the time.


  • Open the game
  • Drag the dll to the injector. (Make sure the injector will run as administrator checking the box on the compatibility tab in file properties.)
  • Press HOME to menu.
  • If you try to use it in the original dayz, you will be banned instantly!

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  1. 486710

    what does it mean “If you try to use it in the original dayz, you will be banned instantly!” are they other dayz´s or does he mean original servers?

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