Free Devour Hack – Devour Cheat 2021

free devour hack

 Version: 1.4

 Developers: Trey

Free Devour Hack – Devour Cheat 2021

Have you ever played devour? Devour is a horror game that you can play with your friends but don’t you enjoy horror games? Install the Free Devour Hack and troll your friends! or your friends couldn’t find an item? To help them, you can help them by opening the item esp cheat on the features of the free devour hack. You can press the red download button below to install the free devour cheat right now! Go now!

There are many features in this free devour cheat! Showing the location of items, immortality, one-click to finish the game! Free download devour cheat 2021 without pop-up ads!

Features Free Devour Hack :

Menu: (INS to open/close and END to exit)

  • -Toggle Esp (don’t hate on it I made it in a few minutes lol)


  • -Anna Esp (box, bone, line, distance)
  • -Player Esp (box, bone, line, distance)
  • -Demon Esp (distance, line, bone) < forgot to add line & bones (fixed in 1.2)
  • -Goat & Rat Esp (line, distance)
  • -Item Esp (distance)
  • -Key Esp (distance)
  • -Rose & Note Esp (distance)
  • -Ritual Bowl Esp (distance)


  • -Unlock all robes and achievements
  • -Unlock Doors
  • -Better flashlight (2x as bright and 3x range)
  • -Tp keys to you
  • -Tp goats/rats to you
  • -Tp 2.5m in front of you


  • -On Asylum, the rats are labeled “Goat”, fixed in the new version. (fixed in 1.2)
  • -On Asylum, Anna’s bones are drawn weird (fixed in 1.2)
  • -On Asylum, having the ritual esp on made it not draw Anna (fixed in 1.2)
  • -Using UV breaks the flashlight (fixed in 1.2)
  • If you find any more let me know!

Working on:

  • -Anna can’t kill
  • -Goat & Rat bones
  • -Insta end game
  • -Anti-kick (Idk if I’ll add this/Idk if I can do it)
  • -Non-host kick (Idk if I’ll add this/ Discord Server Link)
  • -Join password-protected server without password (Idk if I’ll add this/Idk if I can do it)


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