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Free Devour Hack – Devour Cheat v1.8

DETECTED Free Devour Hack - Devour Chea

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Trey - ALittlePatate

Free Devour Hack – Devour Cheat 2023

Have you ever played devour? Devour is a horror game that you can play with your friends but don’t you enjoy horror games? Install the Free Devour Hack and troll your friends! or your friends couldn’t find an item? To help them, you can help them by opening the item esp cheat on the features of the free devour hack. You can press the red download button below to install the free devour cheat right now! Go now!

There are many features in this free devour cheat! Showing the location of items, immortality, one-click to finish the game! Free download devour cheat 2021 without pop-up ads!

Features of Free Devour Hack :

Menu: (INS to open/close and END to exit)

  • -Toggle Esp (don’t hate on it I made it in a few minutes lol)


  • -Ritual Esp (distance, name) – This doesn’t work on the water thing on the inn
  • -Anna Esp (3d Box, bone, line, distance)
  • -Player Esp (3d Box, bone, line, distance)
  • -Demon Esp (3d Box, bone, line, distance)
  • -Spider Esp (line, distance)
  • -Egg Esp (distance)
  • -Goat & Rat Esp (distance)
  • -Item Esp (distance, name)
  • -Key Esp (distance, name)
  • -Rose & Note Esp (distance, name)


  • -Destroy Demons
  • -TP Goats
  • -TP Items
  • -TP Forward
  • -[Lobby] Force Toggle Batteries
  • -[Lobby] Force Toggle Medkits
  • -[Lobby] Force Toggle Collision
  • -[Lobby] Force Toggle Proximity Voice Chat
  • -[Lobby] Force Start

Misc: [Numpad0-6]

  • -Unlock all robes and achievements
  • -Unlock doors
  • -Better flashlight (2x as bright & 3x range)
  • -Fullbright (can’t disable)
  • -Teleport keys in front of you
  • -Fly

free devour hack - devour chea

Change Log for Free Devour Hack – Devour Cheat :

Devour got updated and now uses Il2Cpp, all the other cheat don’t work because they all used MonoInjector. I tried my best to do clean code but i’m not a C# coder so you’ll find bad code in it.

Features :

  • An IMGUI menu thanks to UnityEngine
  • Fully compatible with the new IL2CPP version of the game
  • Detects if you’re in game (with bad code lol), so no chances of crashing on main menu by activating features
  • Detects the map you are playing on (useful for the instant win)
  • Big Flashlight (allows your flashlight to light a lot more)
  • Flashlight color customization (with a home made color picker)
  • A chat spammer for Lobby and InGame chat (i couldn’t do a text entry because of the limitations of Il2CppAssemblyUnhollower)
  • Achievements unlocker (couldn’t do all of them, my code is crashing for some reasons at some point, i may fix it, for now it’s commented out)
  • Doors unlocker (should work fine, though it doesn’t seem to work sometimes)
  • Keys teleporter (broken, works sometimes but doesn’t TP all the keys for some reasons)
  • LV 70 (puts you to the max level of the game !)
  • Instant Win (allows you to win instantaniously on any map, works in singleplayer, but not as a client. May be working as host)

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