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Free Dysterra Cheat v1.0 (Aimbot, ESP & More) – Best Hacks for Dysterra

UNDETECTED Free Dysterra Cheat (Aimbot, ESP & More) - Best Hacks for Dysterra

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: RiceCum1

Free Dysterra Cheat is probably the First and the Best Hack released for the brand new adventure multiplayer sci-fi survival game named Dysterra

You may have recently heard news about the upcoming large-scale multiplayer sci-fi survival game on Steam that can be played as single player, online co-op and online PvP. The game is currently in a closed beta test stage meaning that you are required to request access to the game by logging to your Steam account, going on the game’s page and clicking on the ‘Request Access’ button under the game’s description.

And considering that this is practically a game that hasn’t been released yet, it is crazy to see someone develop and code a cheat for it this early while it is still in closed beta stage. If you are also a closed beta player looking for some cheats and hacks for Dysterra, this is just perfect for you. The Free Dysterra Cheat has every kind of feature from ESP to Aimbot to Get Admin to God Mode, if you are looking for the whole list of features, feel free to take a look at the features list down below that the dear developer of this Free Dysterra Cheat has prepared for you.

dysterra screenshot

Free Dysterra Cheat Features

  • Aimbot
  • Aimbot FOV
  • Smoothing
  • Visible Check
  • Choose Aimbot Bone Target
  • Box ESP
  • Snaplines
  • Skeletons
  • Health Bar
  • Player Names
  • Distance To Player
  • Head Circles
  • Loot ESP ( Chests & Resources )
  • Show If Player Is Sleeping/Offline
  • FOV Changer

How to Use Free Dysterra Cheat

Using the Free Dysterra Cheat is just as simple as your usual DLL injecting method. Although I do realise that there are many people that are new to the cheating & hacking in game scene, where they pretty much have absolutely no idea how cheats work and how to get them to work. But not anymore! Just follow these simple af steps:

  1. Like you should always do, go ahead and Download the Free Dysterra Cheat first
  2. After the download has been finished, you should see a RAR archive file in your downloads directory. Open it and extract the DLL file from the archive and put it into a folde rof your choice
  3. Download an injector of your choice on our website, we have many of them!
  4. After you have downloaded and extracted the injector as well, you can start Dysterra via Steam
  5. Locate the directory where you have extracted the injector and run it
  6. Select the DLL file in the injector and select the Dysterra’s process from the list
  7. Press inject and you are good to go
  8. Enjoy & have fun!

dysterra ss

Developer Notes

This game is a play test, you need to request access (instant) then you can play
Use the injector of your choosing. I dont think their ‘anticheat’ is gonna catch anyone in at all its current state.
As far as bans go, they will have a moderator join your game if you get reported and literally follow you around in invisible mode and flying looking to see if you do some crazy shit, but the esp can still see them lol.

The play test will end in a week or something so not much time to use this

– Get Admin (Sets you as an admin, you can type as an admin in chat for a little trolling, but i dont know the admin commands or if they work atm)

– No Crafting Cost ( Buildings, Items & Quick Action/Repairs ) ( Can also be refunded for material before finished building )
– Spawn Car ( Wheels missing, use no crafting cost to add tires )
– God Mode ( Persistent, you will remain invincible even when offline or logging in again without cheats on that server )

sorry to the developers of this game and to the legit players who may get raided

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