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Free In Silence Hacks | Universal ESP

OUTDATED Free In Silence Hacks 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: HoppersButPC

In Silence Hacks is a mod GUI with insane amount of cheat features, which can be downloaded for free, for the multiplayer horror game In Silence.

About In Silence

In Silence is a multiplayer horror game. One player takes on the role of the monster that has hypersensitive hearing and is almost completely blind. The other players (2-6) play as survivors, try to escape or chase the monster.

A new experience
In Silence is developed to offer a different online horror experience. You can hunt survivors as a rake using your hypersensitive senses or play as a survivor yourself, use close-up voice chat, and work with other survivors to escape rake or fight back.

A blind monster … rake!
Rake’s vision depends on the sound. The less noise there is, the less rake can see. Rake can hear the slightest sound over long distances and run at an incredible speed. With traits like these, it’s not hard to guess what rake might be doing in the right hands.


Shhh … be calm!
You may be just a heartbeat away from facing a monster face to face because of a step, a toy you stepped on, or a vase you broke … but it was all along Your plan? You could use noise from objects like a television or radio to distract rake and escape the area, or maybe set a trap instead …

Escape or Hunt!
As a survivor, you have two options. Either try to escape by fixing a car and walking with it, or open a secret armory and hunt the monster.

Where am I?
Every game you will play will be different. Your perks, vanishing points, roles, and item placement are all chosen at random. You will always feel uncomfortable because there is no way of predicting how the game will go.

How to Use In Silence Hacks?

  1. Download the RAR archive which contains the In Silence Hacks itself
  2. Download the SharpMonoInjector Fixed and Updated v2.5
  3. Now start In Silence
  4. Inject the DLL file into the game using the injector with the following settings
    in silence


In Silence Hacks Features & Keybinds

  • F1 = Player ESP
  • F2 = Monster ESP
  • F3 = Monster AI ESP
  • F4 = Show Dog House Location
  • F5 = Show Exit Location
  • F6 = Give Rifle

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