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FREE KRUNKER HACK – Krunker Junker


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Skidlamer


offers you great features. It contains many guns, requires strategy, scopes, maps, and own servers, Krunker mods, which makes the game Interesting. We have tried the Aimbot hack script and its working without any ban.

Free krunker hack is a browser game and it has become very popular nowadays. So, we have decided to post hacks for krunker.io Here it is a simple cheat for krunker with many essential features.

Free Krunker Hack is working without any issues with Tampermonkey Chrome Extension. The code is a user script, working great. The hack works with Tampermonkey scripts (Krunker.io extension).
Features :
  • In Game Radio  with channels and volume controls
  • Auto Activate Nuke
  • Aim through Penetratables
  • Force  Weapon Trails
  • Weapon Zoom Slider
  • Auto Aiming wit Aim Correction, Aim Assist , Silent Aim , Trigger Bot,  Quick Scope, Adjusable Offset and Line of Sight check
  • Auto Bhop  with Auto Jump, Auto Slide Key Jump, KeySlide
  • CustomCSS
  • Auto Start Game
  • New Lobby Finder
  • Auto Reload
  • Custom Billboard Text
  • Auto Click Play Game
  • Disable Other Players Weapon Sounds (Improves Ping)
  • Hide Advertisments and various UI Cleanup
  • Disable The InActivity Kick
  • Player ESP, Player Chams , Player Tracers and Player Wireframe
  • Unlock In Game Skins client side
  • Third Person Mode

Krunker Junker v0.3 changelogs –

– Line Of Sight Changed to Player Visible
– Add Fov Box Setting (Only Aim If In Box)
– Redo AutoAim Settings
– Tab style Changed A bit

How to use Krunker Cheats :

1. Download Krunker io hack Script.
2. Apply Tampermonkey extension from the Google Chrome store.
3. Add new script, Copy-paste the script you downloaded.
4. Feel free to run Krunker to use the script.
Keys : Use the ingame icon or alternatively [F1] key or the Middle Mouse Button (press scroll wheel) to open the menu in-game
  • If you are a developer, you can share your cheats with us. If there are cheats or hacks you want to be featured on our website, you can share them with us “Here” 
  • On you need any support, you can join our discord server and get support. have fun

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