Version: 1.0

 Developers: NFK


This hack used to be a paid cheat. But due to the fact that the game will be shut down soon, the developer of the RAMLite private hack decided to share his hack with everyone completely free of charge. This is a great cheat with great functionality. You just need to download this cheat and enjoy the last days of gameplay in the game.

In this article I will show you how to cheat for pubg lite. There are many features in this free pubg lite hack. Aimbot, ESP Player, LOOT ESP, Configs, Other (No Recoil, Super Jump, SpeedHack, etc. There are many fun features such as flying cars, landing underground, mega jump and super speed.

Pubg Lite is an excellent open source PUBG Lite ESP cheat that you can customize for yourself. A simple but necessary hack for every player, thanks to this cheat you will be able to see players from the textures on the map and also see the player’s name, health amount and skeleton. model of the player.

FREE PUBG LITE HACK The aimbot provided in it is one of the best target robots in existence. Ensures that you do not miss any target.

START instruction

  1. REBOOT your PC.
  2. Create a folder on your desktop and unzip the program into it.
  3. Run the RAMLite.exe file as administrator.
  4. In the “Enter key” field, enter any value
  5. Wait until the cheat is fully loaded, namely the inscription “Waiting game …”.
  6. Start the game.
  7. When the game starts, the software menu will appear automatically. If this does not happen, then check that your game is in windowed mode, or in borderless mode.


  • Status :: Undetected
  • Supported game mode:: No borders / Windowed;
  • Game Version :: Garena/Official launcher;
  • Supported OS :: Windows 10 from ver 1803-20h2;
  • Supported processors :: Intel, AMD;

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