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Minty Cheat for Genshin Impact v4.7

UNDETECTED Minty Cheat for Genshin Impact

 Last Version: 06/06/2024

 Developers: chakuu

To take advantage of this absolutely Free Minty Cheat for Genshin Impact right away, simply adhere to the steps that are provided below. Hacking in Genshin Impact has never been simpler. Genshin Impact 3.7.0 Now Featuring a Brand-New Minty Cheat! There is a possibility of bugs; please report any issues. cheatermad.com is pleased to announce that the Minty Cheat for Genshin Impact has successfully finished its beta testing phase and is now accessible to the general public.

If you want the Genshin Impact Hack PC Free to function, make sure you read the entire post. Even though it hasn’t been around for very long, the Genshin Impact Mod has quickly become one of the most reliable and popular mods available. You can look through our category for additional free Genshin Impact hacks and find Genshin Impact mod menus that have more features by visiting our site.

minty cheat for genshin impact

Fantasy is the setting for Genshin Impact, a video game. This game features a large cast of characters for players to interact with. It was created and made available for free by the company miHoYo, who also published it. This game has an extremely limited number of hacks available. However, because we care about our customers, we are also releasing a hack for this obscure video game. The Genshin effect is downloadable for use on Windows PC, iOS, and Android devices. However, our exploit is only available for PC.

Features of Minty Cheat for Genshin Impact:

  • Auto-talk
  • Infinity burst
  • Timescale
  • Dumb enemies
  • Lua editor
  • Cutscene skip
  • And more, more, more…

minty cheat for genshin impact

Frequently Asked Questions About Minty Cheat for Genshin Impact

Q: What version of game is it for?
A: Latest. Now – 3.7.0.

Q: Why is it closed-source?
A: Security reasons. If you need source code – you can send your application to special channel.

Q: My launcher crashed after first start
A: It is knows issue. If config file appeared – it is okay, just open one more time.

Q: My genshin stuck when loading, what to do?
A: Just reopen it.

Q: I open launcher, and my Game Launcher opens.
A: You can’t read. You should choose executable of game, not launcher.

Q: Can i get ban for this?
A: Of course, you can. Just don’t use rage stuff 24/7 and you will be a bit safer.

Q: Is it Minty Cheat for Genshin Impact completely free?
A: Yes!

Q: I want to support you financially. How can i do it?
A: Thank you so much! If you really want to do it, you can check Boosty in our socials channel.

Q: What is Lua console?
A: Basically, it is ability to extend functional of this program. Be skilled in coding, or just ask somebody from Team to make script for you.

Q: What is xlua hotfix?
A: Function for developers. If your lua script doesn’t work – try pressing this button.

Wait for further updates, feel free to contact us. Happy Genshin Impact Free hacking!

Instructions Genshin Impact Free Cheat:

  1. Unzip the archive (pass: 123)
  2. Run the exe file spoofer.exe (anticheat bypasser)
  3. Run the exe Launcher.exe
  4. Enjoy the game!
  5. Menu on F12

Minty Patch released!

  • Updated to 4.7
  • Added Open Team Immediately
  • Added Custom Exp (Visuals -> Profile Changer)
  • Added Auto Select Dialog (World -> Auto Talk)
  • Improved Multi Hit
  • Improved No Clip
  • Improved Mob Vacuum
  • Removed Browser
  • Removed Music Event
  • Fixed some bugs

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Comments (71)

Popular Comments
  1. 411526

    Yow guys there is no launcher.exe upon extraction of the said file. Please help 🙁

  1. 573986

    i dont have spoofer.exe on extracted files

  2. 571205

    is there any way that i can use minty plus 3dmigoto?

  3. 439530

    Does anyone know why it says there is a new update and wont let me into the game every time i launch the cheat even though its up to date???

  4. 568018

    The cheat works but the game freezes in a video scene

  5. 567489

    when i die or interact with anyone the game will be stuck there anyone have this problem?

  6. 280427

    i always freezes when in a cutscene

  7. 559180

    Antes de nada daros las gracias porel esfuerzo y dedicación del mod, dicho esto e de decir que vengo de la versión e iba todo genial hasta que actualicé ayer a la nueva versión, vengo a reportar 2 fallos que e encontrado, el primero: es que cuando inicias el diálogo en una misión de mundo o de campaña se queda toda la pantalla en negro y no se puede hacer nada, y el segundo: es que cuando vas a reclamar las recompensas de rango de aventura se queda el juego congelado. Dicho esto las nuevas funciones son muy buenas y funcionan bien, de nuevo os vuelvo a dar las gracias por vuestro aporte. (REMARCO QUE E HECHO BIEN LA INSTALACIÓN INCLUSO REINSTALÉ EL JUEGO Y EL MOD PARA VER SI EL FALLO DESAPARECIA PERO DE NADA A SERVIDO) espero lo podáis arreglar pronto un saludo 🙂

  8. 558614

    why i can’t download it
    it always error

  9. 533703

    When I use Minty in combination with 3dmigoto for some reason my sprint get´s disabled. Is there a solution for that?

  10. 493441

    So I am getting a “Data Error” any fix for it?

  11. 516792

    I’m unable to locate executable file, my guess is bro uploaded the wrong file as mine stated “select star rail game executable”

  12. 231598

    i open the cheat it ask for exe game file i could not found like some it does not show when it is required like it is placed in file like D:\Games\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game but it does not show when require exe please help!!!!

  13. 52850

    * Closing connection 0
    url fetch responce: {“code”:0}
    url fetch responce: {“retcode”:0,”message”:”success”,”data”:null}
    url fetch responce: {“code”:0}
    url fetch responce: {“code”:0}
    url fetch responce: {“code”:0}
    url fetch responce: {“code”:0}

  14. 493441

    Hi, just curious, do you have a list of the risky or easily bannable features of this cheat?

  15. 520033

    so i go to the download page and it dosent download? I have a download manager btw and the file dosent show as a zip just thought id mention

  16. 518763

    i open the genshin.exe file through the launcher and nothing happens?

  17. 513324

    Pls help, everything went smoothly, but f12… doesn’t work pls help me ;-;

  18. 513324

    I installed, threw the minty.dll file on the exe one, then it automactically opened. Everyone went smoothly, but now, when I do F12, nothing appears oranything, do I do alt-F12 or something… like… F12 is my airphone mode for my laptop so I can’t just press F12. HELP PLS 😐

  19. 513324

    wow, I am trying this out for the first time…

  20. 509681

    [Minty:Info] Starting…
    [Minty:Info] Showing RPC…
    [Minty:Info] Initializing IL2CPP…
    [Minty:Info] Initializing isle too see pipi
    [Minty:Warning] UA is still very not real. wawiting..
    url fetch responce: {“code”:0}
    url fetch responce: {“code”:0}
    url fetch responce: {“retcode”:0,”message”:”success”,”data”:null}
    url fetch responce: {“retcode”:0,”message”:”success”,”data”:null}
    url fetch responce: {“code”:0}
    url fetch responce: {“code”:0}


  21. 499341

    Is it safe to use on coop or spiral abyss??

  22. 499071

    Well, I cant execute it. After draging file onto luncher then opening locaction folder there’s no exe to select.

  23. 461552

    don’t use this cheat!!! My ID has been hacked by the person who created this cheat, they can see our email and password. as well as our IP.

  24. 428267

    bruh it just keeps kicking me out of genshin fix it!

  25. 116886

    I love the video they included :)))))

  26. 233779

    It says that the file couldn’t close the anticheat of genshin impact…. is it still safe to use or no?

  27. 447032

    Works if it’s not working for u, ur most likely not picking the executable file and the instead the launcher

  28. 428261

    it works but ill rate it 6/10 maybe add more Features like loot vacuum, mob vacuum
    auto loot picker chests and mobs drops , killura so you can deal enough dmg to the abbys mobs, hotkeys to eneble and disbale Features like no clip faster , character movment speed and othere Features

  29. 444021

    guy when extracting
    you have to extract with winrar (or 7zip im not sure about that one tho)
    because only then its gonna ask you for a password (which is 123)
    if you dont extract that way the password locked files (the launcher and dll) wont be in the extracted file
    so make sure you extract using winrar or 7zip and use password 123.
    if you did it right both files should be available in the extracted folder

  30. 427650

    alright. when you extract there are 2 files a launcher and a dll. drop the dll over the launcher. (the dll won’t disapear) then open the launcher. next it will open a folder. go to programs, epicgames, genshin, genshingame, select the genshin.exe or just genshin impact. game should open by itself and start loading the mod menu as soon as you go in game. if crash then just reopen the launcher. hope this helps!

  31. 411526

    Yow guys there is no launcher.exe upon extraction of the said file. Please help 🙁

  32. 411265

    Do you support the Chinese version

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