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Free Palia Cheat | Macro Hack for Auto Sell

UNDETECTED Free Palia Cheat | Macro Hack for Auto Sell

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: forger2214

This is my first Free Palia Cheat, so please excuse any errors. I kept using this fishing strategy to get quick money, so I created a short Macro Hack for Auto Sell and Quickly sell all of the stuff in my bag. I’m assuming that the majority of people reading this have maximum luggage capacity. But I hope this helps.

Features of Free Palia Cheat

  • Allows you to macro hack for auto sell and quickly sell on Palia (Made for maximum sized bags)
  • Sorry if this isn’t of use; I’ve found it to be really useful for myself!
  • If you want Palia Cheats and Hacks with more features see category

Tutorial & ShowCase Video of Free Palia Cheat

Instructions of Free Palia Cheat

Note: This is made for full sized bags

  1. Download Free Palia Macro Cheat Below
  2. Extract both minimouse macro and Easy sell to the same folder (Winrar Pass: 123)
  3. Open Palia Game
  4. Some items in your inventory
  5. Open a store menu where you can sell
  6. Download and open MiniMouseMacro (move it to the side of the screen)
  7. Load Easy Sell
  8. Click the play button
  9. Enjoy 🙂

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