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Free Palia MultiHack v1.5.3 [Speed & ESP Cheat Features ]

UNDETECTED Free Palia MultiHack [Speed & ESP Cheat Features 2023]

 Last Version: 20/09/2023

 Developers: Ballsackulon

Free Palia MultiHack allows you to upgrade your weapon and tools, purchase stuff, and travel quickly in Palia. You can easily have all you need thanks to Palia Free Cheats Speed Hack and ESP Features because you will require a lot of money in this game.

In Palia, gold is the principal currency required for practically everything. The Palia Speed Hack function can help you obtain these golds faster. The more coins you have in the game, the easier it is to play. So, continue reading our tutorial as we discuss some of the best ways to generate money quickly in Palia, including several Gold farming strategies.

Features of Free Palia MultiHack

Thanks to Fischsalat for making Dumper-7 available. I might not have been driven to pursue this project if it hadn’t been for his amazing dumper Free Palia MultiHack tool.

Exploits that I am comfortable disclosing publicly because they are my personal discoveries and are not really gamebreaking. There are a handful more that I’ll post later. Go home – Teleports you to your homestead, skipping the cooldown of 30 minutes. Vacuum Hunting Loot Bags – Brings all hunting loot bags to you for looting.

Palia Speed Hack Features;

  • Glider Fall Speed
  • Glider Speed
  • Climbing Speed
  • Jump Velocity
  • Walking Speed
  • With plenty more on the way.

free palia multihack [speed & esp cheat features 2023]

Palia ESP Cheat Features;

Every ESP option has a color that can be changed. Except for trees, which share a color for Small/Med/Large types, they are all unique. Co-Op trees have their own color. Don’t get too connected to these because they don’t yet save.

free palia multihack [speed & esp cheat features 2023]

  • Debug – Displays every actor’s name at their location, useful for finding anything I’ve missed
  • Distance filter – Only show actors up to X meters away
  • Trees
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Co-Op
  • Mining
  • Palium
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Clay
  • Stone
  • Hunting
  • Gatherables
  • Bugs

Future plans of Free Palia MultiHack:

Config files are used to save Free Palia MultiHack ESP configuration.

When the server changes, the character hacks are automatically reapplied.

If you want to help the study, look for insects that don’t appear on the ESP. There are a lot of them, and I could only add the ones I’ve found so far.

Enable the debug option on the ESP, then submit the class name and item name you see, and I will add it to the ESP.

I’m also seeking for the class names of other fish for a publically disclosed exploit. Enable ESP debugging, cast your rod, and post fish names.

How to use the Free Palia MultiHack


  1. Palia
  2. CheatEngine (7.5 is current)
  3. The trainer (.DLL inside the .ZIP)

Palia Inject Instructions:

Make sure Palia is running on DX11. You can change this in your in-game graphics settings. Restart and continue after changing.

  • Download and extract the trainer to an empty folder on your desktop – Antivirus or browser safety features may try to delete the file.
  • Load into Palia, be it your home plot or the open world. Do not inject in the main menu.
  • Open CE, click File -> Open Process -> Applications -> Palia -> Open
  • Beneath the white box on the left side of CE, click “Memory View
  • Tools -> Inject DLL – OR – Press CTRL+i | Find the folder on your desktop -> click the DLL -> open.
  • You’re all done. The GUI should have appeared in-game. If it does not appear, something is wrong. Try again and make sure everything is correct.

INSERT is your GUI show/hide toggle. My Laptop does not have a lone INSERT key, I re-mapped this to a useless key using KeyTweak:

Thanks to HON and Min for the instruction explanation <3

Free Palia MultiHack v1.5.3 Updated;

  • Still need to inject when in game, sorry

    Update for latest game version

  • ESP now starts enabled again, sorry for confusion, it was never broken just always started disabled
  • Added Global speedhack, behaves like CE speedhack, but much more stable. I have test with up to 20x speed with fishing and have had no issues.
  • Added Chapaa Steal. Press F3 in Chapaa Chase game to pick up a Chapaa from far away. Will sometimes try to pick up invalid Chapaa, just press again to get one. Must still run to gate to hand it in. I do not recommend you use this on main account, but many people asking for feature. Thank you to @ for all his amazing help in getting this to work.
  • Added separate ESP category to Hunter ESP to display Chapaas for Chapaa Chase, in case you want to play more legit.
  • Added menu styles, you can find in settings tab. Added a few different ones, let me know what is your favourite. They will save between sessions. I want to make Halloween style for menu.

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  1. 62103

    currently crashing on the latest version even with DX11

  1. 491037

    v1.5.4 is up again, to work with the latest hotfix

  2. 492814

    v1.5.3 is on another site hope to see it here soon!

  3. 490190

    latest update not working :c

  4. 62103

    latest update not working

  5. 481973

    I hope this gets updated ASAP 🙁

  6. 481540

    instant fishing now crashes the game. was working fine yesterday

  7. 486868

    worked yesterday. crashes now. unreal crash EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

  8. 62103

    with the latest update selecting anything in the menu is not working.

  9. 479792

    1.3.3 crashing after DLL injection in the newest update.

  10. 484443

    Since like 10 mins I can’t enable ESP anymore, instant crash

  11. 484408

    i download the trainer but for some reason i cannot extract the file…any advice?

  12. 482911

    game Crashes when u inject it

  13. 60485

    after inject game crash on DX11

  14. 430904

    not working was there un update?

  15. 480272

    not working after update

  16. 481540

    instantly crashing the game as of 22nd AUG ’23

  17. 481390

    cashed the game not even a min in to it

  18. 62103

    currently crashing on the latest version even with DX11

  19. 479476

    does the 1.2 version have auto fish? coz that was removed from 1.2 but u say it has?

  20. 479405

    How can i use it on cheat engine?

  21. 479334

    Could you help me Im trying to get into discord but cant

  22. 479213

    can u upload 1.1.0 version please

  23. 479170

    Can you provide previous version? V1.1

    I need Instant fishing feature

  24. 479089

    how download,the red button I clicked was a wallpaper extension

  25. 478927

    I got an error: Failed injecting the DLL Force load module failed:failed finding address of MSVCP140!?good@ios_base@std@@QEBA_NXZ

  26. 478710

    sorry but im confused the latest version should be 1.1.1, this is that?

  27. 478716

    sorry its working version forgot to change dx12 to 11 remove my previous comments

  28. 477967

    no work! is not last version! stop saying Last Version: 15/08/2023 just for clickbait because is not
    last version is 1.1 and this is 1.0 (don’t work anymore)

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