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Free Palia Internal Cheat | Auto Sell, SpeedHack, Instant Fishing and more

UNDETECTED Free Palia Internal Cheat | Auto Sell, SpeedHack,

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: t4bby

We present yet another Free Palia Internal Cheat in the cheatermad.com free palia cheats category. Don’t forget to send your feedback in the comments to t4bby, the developer of this Internal Palia Hack.

You have to use the Insert/INST keys to activate this Palia Hack Internal Cheat with a different menu design.
Some of the most liked features by our users; Auto Sell, SpeedHack, Instant Fishing and Auto Fishing are but not limited to features.

free palia internal cheat | auto sell, speedhack,

Features of Free Palia Internal Cheat

  • Instant Fishing
  • Auto Sell
  • Speed hack
  • Return Home
  • Teleport
  • ESP included for is for debugging only
  • To be added soon (if I have time): Proper esp – Auto fishing

Hotkeys for Free Palia Internal Cheat (Configurable)

  • Return Home: F1
  • General Store: F2
  • Fishpond (your generic pond): F3
  • Custom Location: F4
  • Auto-sell: F5
  • Menu: INSERT/INS

How to use Free Palia Internal Hack

  1. Download palia_internal.rar from below and extract it to desktop folder (pass:123)
  2. Just use any DLL Injector, but I recommend using:(Extreme Injector v3.7)
  3. Run the injector
  4. Start the Palia game
  5. Only inject this on Windowed/Windowed Fullscreen mode.
  6. Your in-game setting should be: Settings -> Grapichs -> Advanced -> Directx 11
  7. Only inject once the game is fully loaded, it will crash when you inject it while the game hasn’t loaded yet
  8. Enjoy this Free Palia Internal Cheat

free palia internal cheat | auto sell, speedhack,

Instruction for Palia Auto Sell Hack:

It is possible to sell your instant fish immediately after catching it, but will not include it here; simply press F5. Already, the F5 feature is overpowered.

  1. Visit the general store first by hitting hotkey (F2)
  2. Open Store press F (this is for the hack to recognize where to sell the items)
  3. Close Store
  4. Go fishing by going to the pond (F3)
  5. Setup the inventory to sell in the menu [INSERT]
  6. Press auto-sell hotkey (F5)
  7. Profit!
  8. Note: If auto-sell doesn’t work, click reset store in the menu and do the above steps again.

Changelog of Free Palia Internal Cheat;

  • updated to latest version of the game

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Comments (2)

  1. 487474

    crashed on new update

  2. 60485

    Please update. Auto Sell no longer work.I already visit the general store after i open shop it work when press f5 but it crash when sell without going to general.

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