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Free PUBG PC Hack 2023 | Download Cheats for PUBG


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: pubglaok00

Free PUBG PC Hack is a cheat for the Steam version of the game that  brings you tons of features like Aimbot, ESP while being undetected and keeping your account safe from bans.

Now, let’s be honest with outselves. There is no kidding in this stuff and we all know that the stuff tthat other websites claim to be undetected Cheats and Hacks for PUBG are mostly false, but not on our website. This Free PUBG PC Hack is the newest one in the market and it comes with everything you need and will ever need until you stop cheating in Player Unknown’s Battleground. And that is because this cheat has been so new that you can’t even find it on other websites by searching. Which also means that it is undetected at the moment as well.

A note to keep in mind before downloading and installing is that this cheat only supports the operating system Windows 10 & Windows 11 , meaning you unfortunately cannot use it on system such as Linux or MacOS.

free pubg pc hack

Free PUBG PC Hack Features & Keybinds

  • Aimbot
  • Prediction
  • No Sway
  • No Recoil
  • ESP Player
  • Invisible Color
  • Show Spectators
  • F1 – Show/off player name
  • F5 – Choose aim type head/chest
  • F4 – Aim key/cap/mouse right

How to Use Free PUBG PC Hack

  1. Download the cheat from down below
  2. Extract all the files into a folder of your choice
  3. Run login.exe and login before game running
  4. Launch PUBG 
  5. Run yy.exe in match of game (Do not run yy.exe in lobby)
  6. Wait for 5 seconds in game
  7. Enjoy the game

Developer Github & Discord Server:

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Comments (67)

Popular Comments
  1. 184599

    Says after i open yy exe not found inject

  1. 91026

    dont worKKKKKKKKK

  2. 184812

    It doesn’t work

  3. 167973

    after running yy.exe pubg closing

  4. 185328

    Does this hack work on Win11? Pubg crashes when I run the hack.

  5. 185257

    Dont use this Cheat, a friends lost their skins from steam since they use this cheat, also the hacker banned me from his discord cause a told everyone not to use it

  6. 184457

    does it work on practice mode or does it just not work anymore becasue nothing works

  7. 184457

    does it work on practice mode or does it just not work anymore

  8. 185026

    When will aimbot be available NoRecoil do not work

  9. 185113

    i try and works , but after 1 game its force close.
    i restart my pc and play again , same problem hapen force close after 1 game

  10. 68189

    I’ve been seeing this comment a lot so…. The aimbot in this cheat is disfunctional, with that being said you can still use it as it contains a lot of other useful features such as ESP, NoRecoil etc.

  11. 184718

    aimbot not working 🙁

  12. 184987

    aimbot not work 🙁

  13. 184979

    thanks bro.. it works
    only aim bot is not work in my test

  14. 180005

    aim not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 184944

    estou esperando a atualizaçao ate o momento ele esta crashando o jogo

  16. 184944

    o hack está fechando o jogo logo apos quando injetamos o yy.exe , por favor atualizem logo estou ancioso para usar

  17. 184718

    btw the cheat now crashes again like the old version 🙁

  18. 184718

    aimbot is not working

  19. 184718

    i just need the update version

  20. 184677

    When I run yy.exe my game closes. This is a good cheat.

  21. 184680

    I got banned after 12 hours of use

  22. 184718

    does anyone know the solution why i turned on the cheat in ingame suddenly forceclose

  23. 184677

    Works well. Attention to:
    Turn off antivirus. Do not run msi afterburner together with the cheat. It gave blue screen on windows, so update it. The cheat does not work on bots, only on player.

  24. 184157

    The driver loaded error, reboot pc and try again it says.

    I rebooted my PC still didn’t work. also, it keeps saying exe not found

  25. 184677

    The cheat is working well. Let’s go to some questions. When using the cheat, be aware that you have to turn off the antivirus or allow the cheat files. Got a blue screen on windows? then update. Do you use msi afterburner? Turn it off too.
    Did you run all the steps and inject the cheat the options appeared in the upper left corner of the screen and nothing happened? It’s because cheating doesn’t hit bots. It could be because you are playing the training match against bots. Cheating only shows other players

  26. 184365

    i bsod probably because of a non supported winver but i still got banned some how

  27. 184599

    Detected got banned

  28. 118499

    blue screen “critical process died” after entering the key. what to do?

  29. 184599

    Works perfect just use game in borderles mode

  30. 184457

    well idk maybe it just doesnt work on practice with bots becasue i created a new acc

  31. 184457

    it injected but it does nothing i followed every step well it sshows the menu but wen i turn on the aimbot it does nothing

  32. 180005

    меня выкидывает после инжекта

  33. 184599

    Says after i open yy exe not found inject

  34. 61374

    does it work? i got banned

  35. 184581


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