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Free PUBG Steam NoRecoil Macro & Hack Wiht Python


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: huuhait

The Free PUBG Steam NoRecoil Macro & Hack is the ultimate hack that you should be using if you want to become the best PUBG gamer. You can download it right here and start cheating today.  With this Pubg Steam hack, you can counter all types of developers nerfs and lag by providing yourself with an overall better shooting experience. Fortunately, with the assistance of the Free PUBG Steam NoRecoil Macro & Hack, you can dispose of these issues and partake in a reliable involvement in your firearms where each fired simply hits in an unexpected way.

free pubg steam norecoil

What is Free PUBG Steam NoRecoil Macro?

The file allows you to increase the overall accuracy of every weapon in the pubg steam game including the M416, AKM, SKS, AWM. Sometimes equipping your favorite gun might not provide you with enough accuracy, which could eventually lead to being killed. Setting the mod up doesn’t take a ton of time and we have the nitty gritty strides for you here.

How to use Free PUBG Steam NoRecoil?

  1. Run Show.exe to show hidden file
  2. Run recoil macro.exe and the game
  3. Use hotkeys in the cheat menu

PUBG Recoil Control works for all mouses

Hello I’ve wrote an PUBG Recoil Control version using Python with OpenCV and Tesseract here is the feature of my recoil control:

  • Auto detect bullets (recoil only start when bullets > 0)
  • Auto detect stand state (stand or sit whatever)
  • This is not completed yet but better than some paid software
  • This is not completed yet just support some AR gun but it’s very easy to add more weapon follow the example of game_assets.py file
  • It’s better to contribute more weapons or feature like inactive mode when use press `X` or `Nade`

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    i got banned for 24 hours today kinda weird.

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