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Free Sysreset Valorant Spoofer | Fivem, Easy Anti-Cheat, BattlEye, Ricochet

CRACK Free Sysreset Valorant Spoofer

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Crâcked By LOLSHAN

Sysreset Valorant Spoofer makes use of both permanent and temporary driver configurations. Permanent drivers are loaded legitimately through AMI/Insyde or through private ways; nevertheless, because they are legitimately loaded and permanently spoof a large portion of your components.

There are no traces or bits of code that will result in detections, or detections later on. This is because permanent drivers are loaded legitimately through AMI/Insyde or through private methods.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sysreset Valorant Spoofer

Before using Sysreset Valorant Spoofer, you have to disable TPM & Secureboot in your bios, afterwards you have to disable windows defender and any other 3rd party antiviruses you might have.

Once that has been completed, you will need to install VC Runtimes and you are set to go.

Additionally, make sure your windows username does not have any spaces, otherwise the spoofer can seem to bug out due to it’s logic.

  • Do I need to reinstall windows?
  • Do I need to flash bios?
  • Do I need to disable TPM?
For Valorant, yes it is a requirement. For other games, you can use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall your game and therefore delete all traces.
Only for Valorant.
yes, for eac games and valorant we require you to disable TPM in bios.

Sysreset Valorant Spoofer step by step instructions;

Prepare an USB of atleast 4GB and follow this guide:

In the Windows Setup screen, you will find a list of all your drives. This step is crucial as this is what will remove all your valorant traces and give you fresh windows, with no old traces. You must delete the drive where your windows was previously installed and where your valorant was. Or better yet, delete all drives for maximum safety.

Flash Bios
You will have to flash your bios, this will ensure you are on a clean bios version and no old traces are present. It is recommended to either upgrade/downgrade your bios version, however if you do not have the option to do so, you can also flash to the same version.

Disable TPM & Secureboot
If you have succesfully flashed your bios, you now need to disable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Secure Boot, both of which will be in your bios menu. All motherboards have different locations for them and some even have different names, so for this you will have to google where they are located if you are unable to find such options.

How to use Sysreset Valorant Spoofer?

Drag and drop sysreset.exe to patcher.exe (sysreset’s name may change, it does not matter)

When you confirm the “Crâcked By LOLSHAN” message, you will log in with auto patch.

Check the “Permanent” box for Valorant (you only need to do it once)

You do not need to mark for EAC/BE (do the steps again when you restart the PC)

Click on the Spoof button.


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    version in the loader does match the one on the dashboard, and the download link on dashboard is blank
    how to fix this?

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    The dashboard was blank or said to be the wrong version and could not be used.

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