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Free Thief Simulator Hack | ReiHook Cheat v1.0

UNDETECTED Free Thief Simulator Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: i4mTh3Fr34kPr0

Free Thief Simulator Hack is the single best brand new cheat for the great Thief Sim that will win you every single match that you play!

Are you looking for a way to spice up your Thief Simulator gameplay? Do you want to have access to some amazing features that will make you feel like a real master thief? If so, you might be interested in trying out a free Thief Simulator hack that can unlock various cheats and enhancements for your game.

Thief Simulator is a stealth video game that lets you experience the life of a burglar. You can explore different neighborhoods, gather intel, break into houses, steal valuables, and sell them to buy better equipment and skills.

However, stealing is not always easy. You have to deal with alarms, locks, cameras, guards, dogs, and nosy neighbors. You also have to avoid getting caught by the police or leaving any traces behind. Sometimes, you might wish you had some extra help to pull off the perfect heist.

Free Thief Simulator Hack’s Best Features

That’s where a free Thief Simulator hack comes in handy. Just like any other Free Cheats, this hack is a modification or alteration of the game’s code that allows you to enable or disable certain features that are not normally available in the game. For example, you can use a hack to activate:

  • ESP: This feature allows you to see through walls and objects and locate items of interest, such as loot, keys, safes, cameras, etc. You can also see the outlines of people and animals and their field of vision. This way, you can plan your moves more efficiently and avoid detection.
  • Ghost mode: This feature makes you invisible and silent to everyone and everything in the game. You can walk through walls and doors and interact with objects without triggering any alarms or alerts. You can also teleport to any location on the map instantly. This way, you can access any area and steal anything you want without any risk.
  • Never wanted: This feature prevents the police from ever chasing or arresting you. You can ignore the wanted level and the reputation system and do whatever you want without any consequences. You can also disable this feature if you want some challenge or realism.
  • Unlimited XP / cash: This feature gives you unlimited amounts of experience points and money that you can use to buy new skills and equipment. You can also modify your level and stats as you wish. This way, you can unlock everything in the game and customize your character to your liking.

free thief simulator hack

Full List of Features

  • Visuals:
    • Enable ESP
    • Police / Police Car [Name, Distance]
    • Police Skeleton
    • Tenant [Name, Distance]
    • Tenant Skeleton
    • Items [Name, Distance]
    • Alarm Panels [Name, Distance]
    • CCTV [Name, Distance]
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Ghost Mode
    • Never Wanted
    • Add 1K XP
    • Add 10K Cash
    • Unlock All Skills
    • Give All Thief Tools

How to Use the Free Thief Simulator Hack

  1. Download the Free Thief Simulator Hack from below
  2. Extract the files into an a folder
  3. Run Thief Simulator
  4. Use a Unity injector like this one, using the following settings to inject the DLL into the game
    Game Process: Thief.exe
    Namespace: ReiHook
    Class: ReiLoader
    Init: ReiAyanami
    Menu Key: F4
  5. Enjoy!

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