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Free Tower of Fantasy Hack – AutoClicker Helper

OUTDATED Free Tower of Fantasy Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: 2KIRAT3

In this part of Free Tower of Fantasy Hack, we will talk about the Helper program, which offers two important features for you. This Program is open source and you can access the Source Code here.

Thanks to the AutoClicker Hack feature in Tower of Fantasy Game, you can speed up the game and increase your skills in the game by staying AFK. In addition, the Stamina Free Wall climb feature is also included.

How to use Free Tower of Fantasy Hack:

At Cheatermad.com we bring you the best MMORPG hacks for all other games, so we’ve decided to publish a free TOF cheat that can help you get a lot of value out of your playtime. This TOF Hack is pretty easy to Run.

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tower of fantasy
Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat | Infinite Jump, Teleport & More
  1. Run as administrator while in a game with a loaded world!
  2. Only works on Windows 10 & 11

Features of Free Tower of Fantasy Hack:

This is the best auto clicker helper you can use to autoclick hack in tower of fantasy. We also give you Stamina Free Wall climb features so that you can dominate the Tof game. With this Free Tower of Fantasy Hack, you will be able to get all the in-game items that you need to build your character.

free tower of fantasy hack

  • AutoClicker​
  • Stamina Free Wall climb


Using the program at your own risk, we are not responsible for the bans of your accounts! The helper is designed to study the mechanics of the game and nothing more.

What type of game is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a 3D “shared world” action role-playing game played with a 3rd-person view. The player controls a customizable character avatar who interacts with non-player characters and other entities and collects items as they travel around in the open virtual world.

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