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Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat – GodMode, Speed and +35 Feature

UNDETECTED Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat

 Last Version: 18/09/2022

 Developers: vosszaa

The best cheat for today’s popular game TOF is with you. The features of Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat are at a level that will satisfy you enough because GodMode and Speed ​​features are already the most sought-after cheat features for this game.

Tower Of Fantasy, was released after Genshin Impact and managed to become quite popular and incorporates features that people could not find in Genshin impact, so Open world, Massively Multiplayer Online game has managed to attract the attention of fans.

In this article, we have published the best 35 feature cheats for Tower Of Fantasy! Enjoy and have fun. We have listed the Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat Features below and turn on the feature you need and start cheating right away.

You need to use Cheat Engine for Tower Of Fantasy game. This is a free cheat with many elements, simple controls and open source table. Using this cheat is actually boosting god mode, starting flight, boosting infinite supplies and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A full summary of the items can be accessed below.

Features Of Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat

  • God Mode
  • Freeze Mobs
  • No Fall DMG
  • Skill No Cooldown
  • Quick Weapon Change
  • Inf. Ammo
  • No Reload/Recharge
  • Player Stats (Press C before edit)
  • Physical Attack
  • Flame Attack
  • Frost Attack
  • Volt Attack
  • Superpower Attack
  • Critical
  • Critical Damage %
  • Critical Rate %
  • Health/Hit Points
  • Endurance
  • Endurance Regen %
  • Physical Resistance
  • Flame Resistance
  • Frost Resistance
  • Volt Resistance
  • Superpower Resistance
  • Attack Speed (Melee Only)
  • Burst Attack Speed (Melee+Ranged)
  • Game Speed hack (Player)
  • Game Speed hack (World)
  • Walk Speed hack
  • Crouch Speed hack
  • Swim Speed hack
  • Inf. Dodge
  • Inf. Jump (Spam Spacebar)
  • Fly/Floating (X=ON, Shift=OFF)
  • Player Gravity
  • Field Of View
  • Player Size
  • Height
  • Width
  • Player Level (use with caution)

Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat Gameplay Video;

Unlike trainers, tables for the cheat engine are not independent programs. To use .ct files, you need to install a program called Cheat Engine. If you don’t have it, just download it from the official website (1st result in Google on request). Let’s show you How to Use Cheat Engine Tables.

Now step-by-step instructions of Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat:

  1. Download any table (.ct file) from our website cheatermad.com or some other.
  2. Run Cheat Engine.
  3. Run the Tower Of Fantasy game.
  4. Copy Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat.ct file to CE´s folder. You can also press CTRL+O and select your table if it is in any other folder.
  5. ALT+TAB and via Cheat Engine choose the game on the process list.
  6. CE will ask if you want to load the associated Cheat table. Just click on YES.
  7. Once the table is loaded, if there is a script, just check it. If you have pointers, change them by double-clicking their values and freeze them by activating the checkbox assigned to them.
  8. ALT+TAB back to the game and have fun.

How to bypass anticheat ToF:

  1. Go to %windir%/System32/drivers
  2. Delete the file ksophon_x64.sys
  3. Create a copy of null.sys and rename the copy to ksophon_x64.sys
  4. Set ksophon_x64.sys to read only in the file properties

If the Instructions did not work for you, try again with the extream Injector in the CheaterMAD Injector category of our website. Make sure you open the extream injector as administrator.
If you have a good injector, indicate which injector you use in the comments and make it easier for other members.

Tower Of Fantasy Free Cheat was not built with safety in mind, and also due to this being posted here expect to be banned using this in the future :))

About TOF Game;

In Tower of Fantasy game , dwindling resources and a lack of energy have forced mankind to leave earth and migrate to Aida, a lush and habitable alien world. There, they observed the comet Mara and discovered an unknown but powerful energy called “Omnium” contained in it. They built the Omnium Tower to capture Mara, but due to the influence of Omnium radiation, a catastrophic disaster occurred on their new homeworld.

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  1. 191141

    What is the archive password ?? It’s not said anywhere…

  1. 191255

    Can somebody genuinely explain how to use this to me? I’m growing increasingly muddled and confused as a result of the instructions given and the comments made by others. I imported the DLL and downloaded Process Hacker, but nothing occurred. I’ve heard some folks talk about a bypass or something like, but I have no idea what they mean. Could someone kindly clarify? Much is appreciated.

  2. 190748

    I finally got this to work. Kind of? So i got it injected using Extreme Injector by messing with The file ksophon_x64.sys. But no mod menu. But.. when i hit INSERT it automatically completes…everything. Does your story and side missions and anything available or side mission accepted itll do. Anything. But no menu. It got me to level 29 in probably 10-20 minutes.

  3. 191141

    What is the archive password ?? It’s not said anywhere…

  4. 89571

    its sill work? or we need bypass something?
    like Genshin..

  5. 189723

    what’s with the new update ? cant see any cheat menu , only toggled 1 and toggled 0 and a command prompt

  6. 189723

    hi hi i just try this cheat 2 days ago and still using it until now

    and uuuh… about the cheat it said the cheat didnt build in safety and player’s might be get banned in the future
    soo is the ban gonna come on next update ? within month ? or i just can get ban quickly if its been detected ?

    eventhough i already bypass the ksophon

    thanks , regards

  7. 189566

    THIS IS LITERALLY WHY I LOVE THIS WEBSITE, you don’t just get good cheats here but you find new games that you didn’t know about aswell

  8. 190520

    why can’t inject? if im using process hacker get acces denied, if using extrem injector get returned null

  9. 52940

    which tof process is to be selected in extreme injector

  10. 52940

    what is the use of processhacker in this

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