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Free Z1 Hack | H1Z1 ESP and No Smoke Hack

OUTDATED Free Z1 Hack | H1Z1 ESP and No Smoke Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Nathyy

Free Z1 Hack is a great Cheat for Z1 Battle Royale with an ESP feature as well as No Smoke / Gas that lets you see enemies behind walls. With this super overpowered, undetected cheat, you will have no problem beating your enemies and ranking up.

Z1 Battle Royale is a fast-paced, action arcade, competitive Battle Royale that is available for free. The game has been rebuilt and returned to the traditional feel, appearance, and gameplay that everyone fell in love with, staying true to its “King of the Kill” beginnings. Play single, duos, or fives to see who can endure the longest.

Since taking over the game’s development in September, the NantG team has worked tirelessly to restore the feel that was lost with the Combat Update.

free z1 hack | h1z1 esp and no smoke hack

How to Use Free Z1 Hack

  1. Download Free Z1 Hack by clicking on the download button down below on our website
  2. Extract the files from the RAR archive that should have been downloaded after you click on the download button
  3. Go to steam > Right click Z1:BR > properties > local files > resources > assets
  4. Rename assets_x64_0.pack2 to assets_x64_15.pack2
  5. Drag and drop downloaded file in assets folder
  6. Start H1Z1 / Z1:BR via Steam
  7. Profit!

You cannot be banned for using this, it will either get patched or not, use it while it works!

Free Z1 Hack | Features

  • No Smoke
  • No Gas
  • Name ESP
  • Distance 400m

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