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GameWer Rust Cheat Injector

OUTDATED GameWer Rust Cheat Injector

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: by Macarella

GameWer Rust Cheat Injector

Developed by a Russian developer, this GameWer Rust Cheat Injector menu is in Russian, so you may have trouble understanding it. if you need support join the developer’s server and ask him for help. Click Here
You can inject any software – it won’t reach forbidden protections.

Instructions :

1. Run GameWer Rust  (without a game)
2.Run Origin.exe
3.Select software
4.Wait until the cheat menu appears and the game (don’t start everything yourself! The gamewer will start the installer itself)
5.Log for guards
6.Check out our Rust cheats category : https://cheatermad.com/rust

Some of the Rust hacks you can run with this injector :


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  1. 120136

    link dose t work need new

  2. 78140

    i need help, could someone vc with me on discord so i could share my screen and get help please

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