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Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher v3.0 | Better Launcher GIPerf Hack

DETECTED Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: galpt

Hi guys, Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher Updated to support v2.2 game update.
Sorry for the reloads. Supporting both the Chinese and Global version of the game was not easy. Thanks for waiting. Please watch the video if you have no idea how to do it. Stay tuned for more Free Genshin Impact Cheats & Hacks.

Features for Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher

GIPerf Features

  • Launch options for Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher
  • Auto-inject cheat (will auto-bypass before injecting it)
  • Auto-bypass anti-cheat in 5 seconds or less (useful for devs)
  • Block Genshin Impact from uploading log files
  • Genshin Impact log files auto-delete
  • Generate supporting files with unique bytes on every Inject/Bypass to confuse anti-cheat

Cheat Features

Read giperfHotkeys.txt for more information.

  • Untouchable by Enemies
  • Inf [E/Q]
  • Inf Stamina
  • All Seeing Eyes (ESP)
  • Enemies Don’t Attack You
  • Death Zone (kill nearby enemies/entities)— auto-turned off after 5 sec to prevent errors.
  • Destruction Zone (destroy nearby items) — auto-turned off after 3 sec to prevent errors.
  • Tabibito Accel (speed up only the player) — adjustable & not limited.
  • Tabibito Sight (toggle Elemental Sight)
  • World Warp (speed up the entire game)
  • Rapid Fire — auto-turned off after 10 sec to prevent errors.
  • Auto-Loot [F]
  • Performance Stabilizer (this is not an FPS unlocker)
  • Inf Charge Atk (bow, etc.)
  • Improved DMG Multiplier
  • Pick-up Range — adjustable & not limited.
  • Legit/Practical Mode
  • Player Manager (adjust Player Y position) — use [\] to toggle ON/OFF. read giperfHotkeys.txt.

How to use Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher

How to Use ?

  1. Download the giperf.zip;
  2. Extract the zip file. There should be a giperf folder & giperf.exe inside;
  3. Move/Cut the folder to the same folder level as your Genshin Impact installation folder. Otherwise, giperf.exe won’t work properly;
  4. Open CMD as Administrator and do a pushd to the giperf folder;
  5. Type giperf on the CMD then hit [Enter]giperf.exe will printout all the information for you;
  6. Type giperf -presets on the CMD then hit [Enter]giperf.exe will create some .bat files for you;
  7. Use those batch files to Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher.

Notes for Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher

  • Edit -res 1920×1080 in the batch files to match your screen resolution or your preferred resolution;
  • Always run CMD/the batch files as Administrator to avoid errors with the giperf.exe;
  • Use giperf -presets or Presets.bat to generate the supporting files;
  • Use giperf -cheat or InjectCheat.bat only if you’re already in-game and your chara has been spawned.
  • Use giperf -nologs or NoLogs.bat to block Genshin Impact from sending log files to miHoYo; (optional)
  • Using giperf -tweaks or Tweaks.bat requires you to restart your computer; (optional)
  • Read giperfHotkeys.txt to get more information about the available hotkeys.


Read the Info

Geez people. At least rate the files with A+ and vote this thread as Excellent if you’re grateful with the releases.
I spent my precious time not just to hear you asking this & that. If you’re installing the game via Epic Games, then it will mess with the game folder structure. It’s fixable — most people just aren’t familiar with moving some files. All features have been tested and should work just fine, if you don’t abuse them — especially Rapid Fire.
If you abuse the features till the game breaks, that’s simply your fault. Not the cheat. If you did not install the game from the official website, then just make sure your game folder structure is like this

  • ./Genshin Impact/Genshin Impact game/GenshinImpact.exe

You just have to make a new empty ‘logs’ folder inside the ./Genshin Impact/
if you got error like this

  • CreateFile ../Genshin Impact/logs: The system cannot find the file specified.

Tabibito Accel has been tested and is stable enough. it’s toggle-able so if you’ve turned it on, switch to other chara to see the acceleration. when you want to turn it off, it will give you a low-pitch beep.
after that beep, simply switch to other chara to reset the accel effect.


The new DMG Multiplier works with bosses too but you may test it yourself with different charas.
DMG Multi will scale based on your character level. Use it with extra caution. Known charas that work with DMG Multiplier. DMG Multi code has been changed. We need to test it with every chara and re-update the list.

Tested it myself. Confirmed.

  • Raiden blade atk (requires her Q skill);
  • Diluc Q;
  • Thoma normal & charge atk (requires his Q skill);
  • Mona charge atk;
  • Hutao charge atk (requires her E skill bloom);
  • Amber All Skill Set;
  • Tabibito/Traveler hold E skill (Anemo);
  • Eula Q (wait until her floating blade blows up);
  • Eula Q + Lisa Q combined (elemental reaction);
  • Based on people’s feedbacks. Need confirmation.
  • works with all charas in abyss. use with caution.
  • Ayaka All Skill Set;
  • Xiao All Skill Set & Plunge Atk;
  • Bennett;
  • Sucrose;
  • Aloy;
  • Sayu E (requires Bennet Q burst);
  • Chongyun Q;
  • Noelle charge atk;
  • Albedo All Skill Set (requires his E skill);
  • Gorou Q burst;
  • Arataki normal & charge atk (requires his Q skill);


Please read this thread carefully so you won’t miss the smallest detail. The video tutorial might be helpful too.
See the screenshots at the very bottom of this thread to check the cheat features.If you’re having problem with the cheat GUI, that’s something to do with Windows theme. Try to switch your theme to Windows Dark Mode (for apps) and see if that solves your problem.

genshin impact cheat launcher

  • Don’t ask ridiculous questions that already have obvious answers. My answers may not satisfy you. No offense.
  • Don’t add me on Discord randomly. I don’t accept random people.
  • Don’t ask the impossible. I’m no Tom Cruise.
  • Don’t just download the file and disappear if it has been approved. At least leave a feedback so people know it works.
  • Don’t trust anyone who sells this program. It’s free and you shouldn’t be charged to use it.
  • Don’t combine GIPerf with other cheat. You’re basically doubling the chances of getting banned.

  • Milestone
  • Changelog
  • ProTip & Info

  • Test new changes
  • Add support for 2.4 game update
  • Make internal files completely unique everytime we use it
  • Implement anomaly check bypass
  • Fix compiler bug

Last updated:
Friday, 12-Aug-22 15:03:50 UTC

  • Added support for Genshin v2.8.0
  • Updated module packages & dependencies
  • Fixed Rapid Attack (read giperfHotkeys.txt)
  • Added more internal checks

You can customize the console color of the Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher batch files to your own liking.
It uses the same color format as Windows CMD.The external DLL & injector used by this program were from different devs.Now it’s using my own cheat so it doesn’t require external DLL nor injector. But thanks to these awesome people, they helped to make it possible. As always, I’ll put the credits below.

Screenshots for Genshin Impact Better Launcher Hack

  • Console 1
  • Console 2
  • Console 3
  • Console 4
  • The Cheat Feature
  • Improved DMG Multiplier



genshin impact cheat launcher

genshin impact cheat launcher

genshin impact cheat launcher

genshin impact better launcher hack


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  1. 122680

    Bans?: Yes and No, i’m currently AR 31 since ar1 without bans, but you can definitely get banned if you do something stupid with the cheats, just play safe ffs. (also there’s banwaves that can randomly ban you i guess)
    2.3?: Yes it works on 2.3
    Works on W11?: Yes
    Can i use on Abyss?: Yes but be fucking careful, don’t rush it, do it slowly and don’t abuse the cheats. also don’t fucking finish abyss 12 on AR23 or else ur obviously getting hammered.

  1. 190748

    Disregard my last comment. The only thing that works is Enemies dont attack you

  2. 190748

    As of update 3.0 it looks like only “Untouchable by enemies” works

  3. 4196

    Just finally update after multiple months

  4. 130584

    How to pushd giperf folder

  5. 93718

    everything its ok its work
    bat what i meaning (Destruct Zone) destroy the rock100% now destroy the rock 90% before i can destroy the rock and loot from far now i need to come to the rock to destroy? you understand

  6. 184290

    wtf is a push in cmds could i get a video on how to do everything

  7. 93718

    halo before your cheat (Destruct Zone) destroy the rock100%
    now destroy the rock 90% before i can destroy the rock and loot from far now i need to come to the rock to destroy?

  8. 143847

    use low risk-feature for sure, i am using it for a month and did not get ban!

  9. 93718

    finally it’s working ? same the steps

  10. 93718

    how i trayet mine time nothing happens?
    Download the giperf.zip;
    Extract the zip file. There should be a giperf folder & giperf.exe inside;
    Move/Cut the folder to the same folder level as your Genshin Impact installation folder. Otherwise, giperf.exe won’t work properly;
    Open CMD as Administrator and do a pushd to the giperf folder;
    Type giperf on the CMD then hit [Enter]. giperf.exe will printout all the information for you;
    Type giperf -presets on the CMD then hit [Enter]. giperf.exe will create some .bat files for you;
    Use those batch files to Genshin Impact Cheat Launcher.

  11. 183095

    It worked, thanks!

  12. 89061

    some how it didn’t work, i meant that it worked, but it didn’t work, i injected cheat, the cheat worked perfectly but the game is still normal no inf skill, no dmg mutiply or pick up range

  13. 89061

    idk great cheat

  14. 93718

    WHAT’S MINING Access is denied

  15. 183668

    can someone help me?
    it said access denied 🙁

  16. 93718


  17. 183668

    the 2.5 just came out and i hope to see a new update of giperf :))

  18. 183095

    So Genshin 2.5 just dropped today, hoping to see a giperf update in the next month or so

  19. 40593

    will this update in 2.5?

  20. 181873

    Can I modify “Rapid Fire” multiplier ?

  21. 183095

    so have been using this for a good week now, still no ban which stays true to its undetected title, quite fun lol

  22. 100776

    link from the other site worked. OMG thanky so much for making all seeing sight optional. wish granted. thank you thankyou

  23. 100776

    new link broken. 404 error. tnx

  24. 40593

    i use this from AR1 to AR35 just 4 days, still no ban, just don’t overuse.

  25. 182022

    banned id real.. banned until 13/02/2022..hahaha

  26. 119708

    i´ve being banned 🙁

  27. 83861

    anyone know how to close the mhyprot2?

  28. 157609

    dosent work, just crashes after few seconds of bypassing anticheat and Injecting it, it dosent even open the menu whit INS

  29. 119708

    Thank you for the hard work bud 😀 keep rocking baby.

  30. 151842

    I have no idea how to crack this hack rsrsrsrs

  31. 173552

    i dont get the CMD part. Which video should i watch?

    • 107936

      ok so you don’t need to do anything in cmd just run the bat files as admin and its easy after you do it 2 or 3 times…. also all files have named what they do so just look at file names and you will understand it

  32. 39820

    Thank you for fast genshin cheat update much support for the hard work

  33. 100776

    banned. I was using legacy, untouchable by enemies, tabbito accel.. will try with another account with only legacy and untouchable

  34. 147432

    failed to inject the cheat is it still working ?

  35. 93718

    IM bad because your chest (undetected)?

  36. 72911

    detected for now ban for 1 month

  37. 147432

    where is the download link of v2.3 ?

  38. 154515

    I’m banned yesterday because l use the hack

  39. 117712

    How to use the “Improved DMG Multiplier” function? I turned it on but the damage has not increased. What am I doing wrong?

  40. 87931

    wonderful xmas gift
    thank you for all hard work

  41. 100776

    What to do when you are stuck at..
    Bypass AC[GenshinImpact: Mhyprot2]…

  42. 100776

    I sprint then swim, i die 🙁

  43. 100776

    I miss hold a key to auto loot 🙁 … I just vacuumed the electro hypostasis an it was just sticking to me. hahahaha

  44. 100776

    Great cheat overall. So much improvement with every update. Free flight is ruined, it is laggy when falling and affects movement speed, even if indicator is set only to lowest or value of 1 🙁 …

  45. 119708

    anyone pls help me arrange this new method

  46. 40040

    great cheat

  47. 161717

    How do you use this now? There are no more giperf folders

  48. 119708

    i need guindnce on the new ui

  49. 119708

    is it save to use since itto´s banner came ?

  50. 152937

    how do i set this up the video is private

  51. 151275

    asking for a password when i try to extract files, any help?

  52. 100776

    I did the blow up 4 barrels time challenge in Qingce Village. Barrels location indicator does not show. After completing the challenge, chest will appear but chest location indicator does not show. I think chest ESP has bug with newly spawned chest and challenge objective location indicator

  53. 119708

    wow i gotta say thanks you big time for this awsome features u bring in this update 😀

  54. 100776

    I have quest to clear 3 thunder fogs. Its supposed to show where fog is with this quest, but it doesnt. I think its the all seeing eyes bug

  55. 122680

    Bans?: Yes and No, i’m currently AR 31 since ar1 without bans, but you can definitely get banned if you do something stupid with the cheats, just play safe ffs. (also there’s banwaves that can randomly ban you i guess)
    2.3?: Yes it works on 2.3
    Works on W11?: Yes
    Can i use on Abyss?: Yes but be fucking careful, don’t rush it, do it slowly and don’t abuse the cheats. also don’t fucking finish abyss 12 on AR23 or else ur obviously getting hammered.

  56. 100776

    is it bug in all seeing eyes that there is still indicator for teleport tower that you already activitaed? may i know what is player manager and what is being increased in the increase player Y by 10?

  57. 119164

    does this work on 2.3v or only 2.2 ? since it’s updated ?

  58. 101943

    Its work with 2.3 version?

  59. 148466

    Hurray!! Thanks

  60. 123686

    Looking forward for the reisin hack in future update ^^

  61. 143058

    i wonder if it can work on win 11 system idk why it seems like didnt work on my pc

  62. 144724

    does this still work?

  63. 143058

    hello guys,Has it been detected now??

  64. 119708

    i will love to see the comeback for this new version 😛 thanks in advance.

  65. 126883


  66. 100776

    Can the death zone radius be reduced to atleast let you get close to enemies a little bit 1st before the die. Because sometimes you dont see where the enemies you look for or where they die like farming for a specific enemies to get resources. Its hard to look for the dropped resources because you didnt see where they die

  67. 100776

    could all seeing eyes/chests/enemies ESP could also be optional also because some goal indicators or trial ping indicators doesnt show when activated when doing a challenge or trial. Like the challenge to open a chest in 30sec, the ping location of chest doesnt show so its hard where to look for the chest.

  68. 118204

    well done i like this cheat <3

  69. 123681

    Can anyone send me a screenshot of the gui? cuz its just all empty boxes for me no text just black background with checkboxes

  70. 119708

    i still using old version, the one released on 09/11 more specific and still playing 😀

  71. 135604

    It said failed to apply tweak , before today everything works fine , is there an update?

  72. 138279

    I got banned, lol but its at risk currently mihoyo sending out ban waves left and right cuz 2,3 about to be released

  73. 93199


  74. 93718

    to start from zero?no

  75. 93718

    My account is banned after your cheat

  76. 123681

    Anyone know how to use the damage multiplier?

  77. 123681

    When giperf opened when i injected the cheat its just black background with checkboxes? can anyone tell me what those checkboxes are?

  78. 100776

    Enemy spawner is buggy. Only seen 1 enemy spawn and its was above my character. all projectiles like arrow and skill also going towards upwards above my character

  79. 100776

    What if i want to disable, All Seeing Eyes (chests/enemies ESP) and Untouchable by Enemies. How to do that?

  80. 66120

    Will my account be banned if I cheat?

  81. 100776

    I am having conflict with w+1 key. Because i change characters using 1234 while walking. I am constatnly activating/deactivating things

  82. 133418

    I almost do not understand?. can be guided ?

  83. 100776

    Thank you very much oh provider!

  84. 132268

    bruh the video is gone and idk how to do this. Someone please explain what to do once im in the CMD prompt and I pushed giperf? idk what to do after that

  85. 93718

    do from far Auto loot

  86. 120333

    Auto loot (F) does not work

  87. 119409

    Can the author add the function of automatically absorbing materials within hundreds of meters

  88. 129858

    need help here:
    Launching Genshin Impact …

    • [ERROR] Failed to launch Genshin Impact.
    • Timestamp >> Tuesday, 09-Nov-21 20:34:38 CST
    • Reason >> exec: “../Genshin Impact/Genshin Impact game/GenshinImpact.exe”: file does not exist
    2021/11/09 20:34:38
    • [ERROR] Failed to launch Genshin Impact.
    • Timestamp >> Tuesday, 09-Nov-21 20:34:38 CST
    • Reason >> exec: “../Genshin Impact/Genshin Impact game/YuanShen.exe”: file does not exist

  89. 129858

    when i open nologs.. access is denied even if i opened it using administrator

  90. 120503


  91. 120503

    the shoe box it’s working only first time i play then stop it show the box?(ESP)

  92. 122869

    The one time access code ?

  93. 120503

    before last virgin on crash?the last virgin it’s crash mine time 6 or 7 time?

  94. 106855

    He works very well, well done. Just please check the anti-virus report : file contains Win64:MdeClass malware

  95. 119708

    can u make auto loot Z again, on F its not workign for me

  96. 123686

    what can the Tabibito Accel feature does?

  97. 119708

    i need the video tutorial again plsss Y_Y

  98. 100776

    was laughing during the anti-raiden shogun training. Just running around realy fast. lol

  99. 100776

    tnx again for another new update. awesome

  100. 120503

    can you add Auto-Loot from far?

  101. 123245

    Uhmm can I ask? When i run it as admin it wont load (literally turned off my windows defender)

  102. 122680

    flawlessly* lmao

  103. 122680

    Thank you so much for this cheat, and thank you for keeping it updated, it works flawl

  104. 100776

    tnx for activate updates

  105. 120503

    reed giperfHotkeys

  106. 121782

    I was so sus of this site til i tested this cheat, works insane! up to date, nice work!

  107. 119509

    can i download the old version or cant? i kinda used to the old one with rapid fire

  108. 106855

    Not displaying function description of buttons F1 through F6, RAPID FIRE (F5) does not work.

  109. 119708

    at first i was a little sceptical, but the more i use it, the more i see how clean this work is, thanks a lot for your effort 😀

  110. 100776

    FAst loot is a life saver! Its so satisfying. If picking up loot can be fast like this, why did mihoyo just have a laggy delay in pickuing up loots. thanks

  111. 93718

    i play with control xbox auto-loot not working pt if i play in keyboard it’s working (Auto-Loot )?

  112. 100776

    is there a way for may email to make it native to this pc so i can login without verifying email? because my account is stuck in mobile because i lost my email because it was temporary. I wish to login it to pc to use this cheat

  113. 111720

    waiting for crazyshoot

  114. 93718

    Great job thanks please can you put Chest ESP?

  115. 87931

    Great job thanks for the hard work unfortunately I’m not smart enough to be able to run this just fail when i try
    2021/10/21 14:35:41 open ../Genshin Impact/Genshin Impact game/config.ini: The system cannot find the specified path.

  116. 68189

    Windows Defender detected it as a Trojan. I then put it on virustotal.com and only 1 out of 90 detected it as malware. Should I trust it?

    • 68189

      Windows Defender detected it as a Trojan. I then put it on virustotal.com and only 1 out of 90 detected it as malware. I’m still scarted tho, should I trust it?

  117. 100776

    Thank you provider

  118. 100776

    Anyone? pls provide feedback

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