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Genshin Impact Public Hack | Genshin EpicGlobal Cheat 2023

UNDETECTED Genshin Impact Public Hack 2021

 Last Version: 04/10/2022

 Developers: FannieMC

This Genshin Impact Public Hack | Genshin EpicGlobal Cheat is a great simple Genshin Impact Cheat with some litte but effective features. With this hack you can fly, you can disable damage, have chest ESP and no skill cooldown.

This hack will help you in your gameplay for sure. You can easily kill your enemies and have so much while doing so. This hack should also work while you are playing multiplayer with your friends. But you should still be careful. That’s why I advise you to use an alt accound while using this cheat. You never know what can happen.

genshin impact public hack 2021

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an Action Role-Playing Game developed and published by miHoYo. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS in September 2020, for PlayStation 5 in April 2021, and is slated for release on Nintendo Switch. The game features an open world environment and an action-based combat system that uses elemental magic and character switching. Since its release, the game has been free and monetized through gacha gameplay mechanics, where players can acquire new characters, weapons, and other resources.

Genshin Impact takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, where there are seven distinct nations, each linked to an element and ruled by a god associated with it. The story follows a pair of twins, known as Travelers, who have traveled through many other worlds but separated from their twin in Teyvat. The Traveler sets out in search of his lost brother with his companion Paimon and engages in the affairs of nations and the gods of Teyvat.

How to use Genshin EpicGlobal Cheat:

  1. fully boot into game
  2. run cheat as admin
  3. wait for console to appear tap F2, wait until it’s done, then tap F2 again.
  4. you will see a small dialogue box appear near the bottom click the text here:

genshin impact public hack

*this will bring up your menu.

Warning! At this time for the use of teleport most likely you will receive an instant ban!


If Value Freeze , In Before Change Turn Off [InfStamina = “无限体力”]
Click “主菜单” in lower left, it will open main interface

noSkillsCoolDown = “无冷却 [E]”
UnlimitedQ = “无冷却 [Q]”
NOAI = “冻结敌人[笨怪]” [u can switch by [END]]

genshin epicglobal cheat

Features of Genshin Impact Public Hack?

  • [Visuals-Mode]
    • FPS-Editer
    • Chest/Teleport-Render
    • LevelBar
    • HealthBar
    • Watermark
    • HackList
    • Position


  • [Player-Mode]
    • InfStamina
    • FlyHack
    • GodMode[Removed|100%Ban]
    • PosEditer
    • FastTeleport


  • [Combat-Mode]
    • Rapid-Fire [Easy Banned]
    • DoubleAttack
    • FastBow
    • NoCooldown[E]
    • NoCooldown[Q]

Developer Note for Genshin EpicGlobal Cheat:

Happy to release Genshin EpicGlobal Cheat
Sorry my dll internal language is not English, this will be updated in subsequent versionsAfter entering the game, the administrator runs this program LV.52 and 54day no ban

Genshin Impact Public Hack Changelog:

  • v3
  • v.1
  • v.0

  • God Mode [BETA – Risk Options]
  • Adjust the security level of [Location Manager]
  • Adjust the security level of [Quick Teleport]

Fixed an issue where some players would crash
Fix the problem of [Quick Teleport] not working
Due to missing player base address, use [alternative]
This [alternative] requires multiple transfers
Will be fixed in a future version [Fast Delivery]

Happy to release EpicGlobal [V17]

  1. Can’t see our registered dll in Cheat Engine
  2. Safe DLL injection
  4. Fake UserID
  5. Added support for English language
  6. Support Multiplayer Mode √√√

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Comments (207)

Popular Comments
  1. 98855

    version of extreme injector?

  1. 298517

    is it still working?

  2. 188753

    can I get banned if I use this on a active account?

  3. 188753

    can I get banned if I use this on a active account

  4. 152757

    Original thread of this post hasn’t been updated since the 31st so why are you saying there is a “new version” that is fixed when it actually isn’t lmao. This website is so hit and miss with cheats, and I’ve noticed that all the cheater. sites. like cheater.mad, cheater.run, cheater.fun are (I imagine) ran by the same people and all the sites just upload the same cheats lmao

  5. 186144

    trainer not working, gives me error after i reopen the game
    also the svchost file deletes itself after

  6. 183882

    Please Update EpicGlobal Trainer.

    It Appears Mhyprote3 is preventing the trainer from running also and DLL error appears but to fast to read it clearly. It worked 3 – 4 days ago for me, now it keeps on requesting close game and all that.

  7. 184812

    it looks nice, need to try it

  8. 185169

    Genshin crashes when trying to run a cheat

  9. 185084

    downlod button don’t work

  10. 143847

    bruh! Why this is virus??

  11. 184892

    Also speed up dialogue not working
    Pls fix rapid fire.
    It’s better to deal rapid fire damage in one time not one by one

  12. 184892

    Thanks you for creating this cheat .
    The rapid fire has got many bugs and so lag
    Freeze enemy not working and fast bow not working too
    If you can add god mod and that’s all I have FB for you.
    I hope you have updated this as soon as possible and fix bugs Ty

  13. 143847

    after enter game, you guys need to use process hacker to terminate ”mhyprot2” then run the hack file

  14. 143847

    pls translate it to english

  15. 183882

    Game crashes either in Main Menu or in Game once i press f2 the second time.

  16. 125473

    here its written i cant teleport doing that will ban me then how am i supposed to play i usually teleport most of the time your previous hacks did not have this problems the genshin xyz from the previous version didnt had this problem
    will i really get banned for teleporting anyone here need help is it really true

  17. 181921

    From A WeirD KiD#0119 : its not hard, besically you have to run the .exe file, wait a couple of seconds and then press insert (not in the game, in the script window)

  18. 175893

    Can it work in abyss

  19. 537

    not working pls just give us dll we have a our bypass !!

  20. 68189

    I got it working but why is it Japanese only?

  21. 68189

    It injected sucessfully and it says “very cool” and the time next to it but I can’t open the menu

  22. 181921

    This Genshin Impact Hack Working : 16/02/2022
    Game version : 2.5

    The owner and content information of this post has changed, I was too lazy to create a new post, so I added it on top of CrazzyShot’s old post. Features and How-to sections may be missing. Actually, it’s an exe and it’s pretty simple to run. Comment if you have problems.

  23. 152683

    e hadi krov bir an önce güncelle de oyunun tadına varalım

  24. 141699

    So, no update for 2.3?

  25. 153740

    thx its work fine

  26. 152683

    Aralık 16 ya kadar ban yedim. Bir an önce güncelleme gelmesi dileğiyle. Hadi sama seni bekliyora

  27. 141699

    crazy shoot sama need update please 🙂

  28. 113542

    need update pls 😉

  29. 82882

    will there be 2.3 realease of the trainer ???

  30. 113542

    is there already a time slot for version 2.3?

  31. 143058

    if it can be used on Chinese genshin impact?

  32. 141699

    Wishing for another update again CheaterMAd-sama. 2.3

  33. 136529

    Dont use god mode because high banned, use another features

  34. 120356

    my account DETECTED, be careful if u don’t want lock account like me (9/12/2021) :v

  35. 127080

    Please explain what to do after you have downloaded the file. Does it need to be asked somehow?

  36. 123742

    plz send code in which i can ixtreat the file

  37. 82882

    could you add infinite items stuff 😀

  38. 100776

    is there a way for may email to make it native to this pc so i can login without verifying email? because my account is stuck in mobile because i lost my email because it was temporary. I wish to login it to pc to use this cheat

    • 104396

      All you have to do is request verifying email of your own account is everything fine in PC and mobile both too who identity face person you are. It means no hack to try people’s email account but it will not be lost your email if you already verified email or not by If one looks unfamiliar then RISK of Session activity you are responsibility I did login into it to use on PC and Mobile use this cheat all time. Best of wish you are lucky!

  39. 104396

    Aww There is no “Infinite Stamina” in Game so can you fix to add infinite stamina update please?

  40. 82538

    Works perfectly, although ins doesn’t hide the menu anymore.

  41. 94914

    thank you, it works excellent!

  42. 116458

    time to stop this nerd drama, move that fat ass and close this page is oviously that you received the famous extra judicial letter DMCA and delivered your source to Mihoyo, sotop lie about a seller
    ur not the firt and not be the last, its happening thanks for you support all this time…
    We’ve lost once again and the multi-million dollar industry wins. either be a whale in the games or fail no one cares or will make free cheetos and risk their necks.

  43. 93718

    you take long time?

  44. 113542

    you make a grade Job

  45. 113171

    is there going to be an update?

  46. 98855

    Stupid reseller ruined everything

  47. 111720

    There is no other dll as good as this.
    Please update, thank you.

  48. 113408

    reseller is a gay

  49. 87931

    Hi God any chance for you to down to Earth one more time and make us the pugs happy again in this version 2.2?

  50. 94914

    not working for new patch.

  51. 107936

    its 13 oct new v2.2 out waiting for public cheat.

  52. 93718

    Game crashes after injecting

  53. 112875

    when update for 2.2

  54. 100776

    why you guys wont just spell it out. Ok. Game crashes after injecting in this 02/10/2021 version. But account did not get banned thankfuly.

  55. 112729

    I found the site now and can’t wait to try it out when I’ve updated ^^
    But answer me, does it cause banishment?

  56. 102817

    Guys, calm down. Asking someone when the update will come, etc. will lose their enthusiasm for doing it. The app will be released when it’s ready.

  57. 112688

    needs an update plz

  58. 84955

    It won’t work. A little help please?

  59. 100776

    Please feedback guys after tomorrow update. tnx. hehehe

  60. 111238

    i sorry but what the password for extract the download file i use cheatermad.com is wrong

  61. 102817

    Waiting to update. Thankss

  62. 74433

    I wouldn’t use this until we know for sure its save after the update

  63. 111008

    Hi, may i know why after inject, my game will crash

  64. 92797

    how about you can make multiple damage ?

  65. 74433

    So at first i was straight up using all of the features on my main, but them a few days later i decided to just go with only using unlim cd for elemental and ult’s and block enemy’s. I also use fps unlocker and fly occasionally. I dont use unlim stamina because some people are getting struck that way. So far been hacking for about 16 days and no ban!

  66. 106334

    it works but killing mhyprot from genshin you break the game, monsters stop spawning and you cant do quests anymore

  67. 106334

    it’s all perfectly working except for one thing… killing the mhyprot breaks the game, monsters dont spawn and you cant do quests anymore…

  68. 105635

    i got data error after injected the mod. anyway to fix it guys ?

  69. 98339

    i got the returned null error when using extreme injector. Is there any fix?

  70. 104156

    can you make the window 7 version please

  71. 97928

    ik i stound very stupid but how do i extract the dll?

  72. 99174

    I terminated the the mhyprot handle but when i try to inject it crashes the game

  73. 98855

    Cd skill/burst hack only enough so far, atk speed/double atk a lil safe too.

  74. 98362

    Ok ik i sound stupid but where do you terminate the Mhyprot Handle?

    • 99174

      First you want to download Process Hacker. After you download that then you want to run it as administrator. At the top there should be a “Find handles or DLLs” tab. click that. Then start the game, get all the way into play mode. Now you type in that tab from Process Hacker and type Mhyprot. This should show 2 things. Click the top one and click on the close button. This will terminate the Mhyprot Handle. Now you inject the DLL and you are ready to play! Hope this helped!

  75. 69875

    Why is there no rapid fire anymore? Can someone help me from staff?

  76. 85999

    Got struck while climbing the wall several times.

  77. 93957

    There:s no Mhyprot Handle on my PH and PE, and btw after I inject it I still cant acess it with an insert

  78. 86626

    Just tried is but its crashing when I inject. I’ve done a millions times before and it was working perfectly. Today is the first day it has crashed in the injection faze.

  79. 86626

    Stamina is not working , Noticed yesterday.

  80. 82882

    infinite stamina doesnt work ??

  81. 90717

    hey, i am putting ‘MHYPROT’ in the search bar but it show nothing but the game is running in the background. can someone help me please 🙁

  82. 1

    Developer Official Discord Server : https://discord.gg/CheetosValley

  83. 89261

    Hey can you add and Culus ESP? Would be so fking nice

  84. 89571

    how to hide/unhide menu, when i press Ins, nothing happend.?

  85. 74627

    people have started getting banned, proceed with caution.

  86. 64733

    my account was blocked GenshinPublic.exe

  87. 80734

    PLS dont put that forsaken GOD MODE, it just gonna make it detected somehow
    let just stay like this, its good and doing great so no need new feature like that

    • 84246

      Yup, I agree with those who just want to keep the available features in the current mode. Admin only needs to maintain the mode always update only to be equivalent with the game version. But if admin still want to do the upcoming feature, it also fine for me, but so far I just use the “Unlimited CD Skill” only.

  88. 19637
    Do not put too many resources, it is good how it is now, those people do not know how to use a trick they start to activate everything they go to games and inject their dll and they show everyone a week ago I saw something like that and it was the same mod menu
  89. 80127

    God mode T.T

  90. 74627

    thanks for keeping it updated and running well man, easily the best free cheat

  91. 80401

    help me i cant close mhyprot

  92. 80401

    help me i cant close mhyprot

  93. 84246

    so anyone been banned so far?

    • 84246

      Update 9/8/21, been using the hack for 24-hour in single-player mode only (I take a risk using my main account lol). still no sign of warning or ban, but still need to carefully while using it. Will update again for further notice. Thank You Admin. Keep it work!

  94. 80401

    rapid fire and god mode pls

  95. 80401

    2.1 dont have rapid fire ?

  96. 43094

    exe file but tutorial says inject dll. where is the dll?!?

  97. 41112

    hack for bless unleashed pls

  98. 80186

    The cheat does not work anymore in the new version

  99. 64733

    upade cheat 2.1 please

  100. 74786

    2.1 update is fine?

  101. 64011

    where is my dll

  102. 56861

    Where is the dll file?

  103. 12145

    Its Very nice i have to say good work +rep

  104. 52940

    tell mw how this work plz

  105. 60798

    Thanks for making this! its wonderfully works, the godmode seems making the game a bit lag but it works, and try to not touch the visual menu it will make you crash

  106. 943

    the overylay of the mod menu doesnt show the whole tab of the haxx i only see the top part……… why??????

  107. 43855
    -I can't turn off the game menu with the ins off button.
    -Infinite Stamina doesn't seem to work when I swim away!
    - Ultra Rapid Attack can we give it more x3,x4,x5....customized? I think that would be more interesting...or just remove it because it will exit the game!
    - We can add auto pick up items when passing without using the F key. I think it will be good for collecting resources in the game.
    - As for the rest, I think it's too good, if you can update more, it's great.
  108. 21835


  109. 39820

    I’ve been using this cheat for the whole day in my main account and didn’t get banned thnx for this cheat this help me on abyss spiral quest now im going to try on my alt just to be safe. If u don’t mind please add oculi esp it would be a huge help

  110. 32661

    its crashing many time

  111. 33924

    very unstabble
    many crashes

  112. 32661

    can you update the hack ,pls?

  113. 38126

    doesnt work

  114. 32661

    i cant terminate mhyprot2 in process hacker and it says” stop pending”

  115. 41969

    Can you tell me which injector to use? Because i tried with saz and it didnt work. Also how do i terminate the Mhyprot handle? when i try to do it in process hacker its already disabled.

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