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Free Genshin Impact Hack v2.6

UNDETECTED Free Genshin Impact Hack v2.6

 Last Version: 02/05/2022

 Developers: Callow

In the Free Genshin Impact Hack v2.6 you get a lot of working features. The developers of many Free Genshin Impact Cheats and Hacks for v2.4 and v2.3 versions of the game have stopped updating. I hope I will not stop updating this hack in other updates of the game.

About month ago I started make genshin impact cheat. So now, I think, it has enough features to post it here. If you found any bugs, you can open issue on github (of course if the same issue wasn’t opened already) or notify me in this post.

Genshin Impact Hack Features:

  • Cheat features:
    • God mode
    • Dumb enemies
    • Rapid fire
    • Auto talk
    • No cooldowns
    • No clip
    • Auto loot
    • Infinity sprint
    • Map teleporting, teleporting to oculi and chests
    • Kill aura
  • Tech features:
    • Mhyprot disabling
    • Check integrity bypass
    • Pattern search

How to Use Genshin Impact Hack:

Download binaries archive, unpack where you want. Close genshin if you have opened. Run injector.exe, select genshin executable file (not launcher). By default cheat menu open by F1 key.


  1. On first launch, program finding offsets by signatures, it can take some time. When if will be found (you see info message in console) you need to restart cheat.
  2. First: I tried to upload cheat to this thread but it still wait to approve, so maybe in nearest feature it appear here, but before you can download archive with binaries in github releases.


If you can’t find injector.exe this can be result of your antivirus software work (Windows Defender as well) just try to disable antivirus, or add this file to exceptions. If you aware about your security, you can check code on github and build it by yourself.


Doesn’t matter location where you extract files, except that injector.exe and CLibrary.dll must be in same directory.

P.S. English is not my native language, and I try avoid use translators, so if you see some mistakes in text you can notify.

Other Free Genshin Impact Hack: https://cheatermad.com/genshin-impact/

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Comments (54)

Popular Comments
  1. 184892

    When i try to run it after lunch the game in gneshin logo got crash
    anyone know how to fix it?

  1. 185547

    Is there a discord for the developer or cheat?

  2. 36485

    i have a question about ban.
    what type of ban they have like hwid or just account or ip ban ?
    because i have 2 account and dont want to get ban on the other too

    • 101431

      only accounts, but first time they only do it for 30 days, it happened to me with another program i used, there was the autopick option of long distance and instant items and for that stupid option i was banned for 30 gg, in fact I have not used that program anymore, and let’s say it was excellent. With this one, however, no ban fortunately, obviously I do not recommend using it in the abyss

  3. 186422

    Hey this works really well but if a new update comes out will it still work?

  4. 111635

    Noclip and TP Oculi Chest are detected, I got banned perma. Whatever cheats you use, the programs will still detect it

  5. 143847

    Features that i use and i am not sure there are low are high risk but i didn’t get ban when using it since i have gotten this cheat for the first time to now :
    _Player :
    +Burst max energy
    + Reduce skill/Burst cooldown
    +No sprint cooldown
    +Enable Infinite Stamina
    +Move Sync Packet Replacement
    +Enable no-clip (if needed)
    +Camera-relative movement
    +Alternate no-clip
    _World :
    +Dumb enemies
    +Permanent Elemental Sight
    +Enable auto talk
    +Auto select dialog
    +Fast dialog
    +Enable auto fishing
    +Recast rod
    +Enable kill aura
    +Crash damage mode
    +Instant death mode
    +Oculi teleport
    +Chest teleport
    +Map teleport
    _Esp Features :
    Enable anything of it you want bc this is safe
    _Visuals :
    +No fog

  6. 185442

    Works perfectly, just don’t get carried away

  7. 185872

    Which traits are high risk?

    Is it okay if I use infinite cd, Stamina and tp?

  8. 185743

    hello guys.
    which option is safe to be used in spiral abyss ?

  9. 166192

    Working great, makes everything about the game advance super fast, that is great for startinga a new account, I’m not using it on main account though, but had no problem so far, playing a few days with this hack and I’m already catching up with my main account, so I just wanna thank you for this amazing injector, and keep up the good work, looking foward for future updates.

  10. 184892

    When i try to run it after lunch the game in gneshin logo got crash
    anyone know how to fix it?

  11. 185743

    Which option is not safe to use?
    Is teleporting to oculi and chests and Kill aura safe to use on main account ?

  12. 122213

    how do i open it F1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 does not work

  13. 185633

    hack is deteceted, I got 1 month Ban .
    update the anticheat .

  14. 93718

    entity count
    i can’t see
    how to working?
    no Visual Tab:
    – Normal Chest ESP [Icons]
    -Health ESP
    -Level ESP
    -Elemental Sight
    -No Fog
    -No Grass

  15. 101431

    I tried it last night, really great, couldn’t you add the free fly mode ??? In the sense that once in flight we do not fall down and remain stationary in the air being able to move in any direction we want

    • 185518

      How did u make it work everything is ok and it says success but when i press F1 ingame or in cmd nothing happens

      • 101431

        First of all you have to disable all your antivirus, as well as the window firewall and the real-time protection, then the first time you run the program (obviously start it in administrator mode) it will load all the necessary files, but at the first start I think that it will not work. That’s why it says to restart the program.

        Lastly, you have to start the game via the program, don’t run the game first and then run the program, it will crash and not load the files.

        at the first start of the program it will ask you to choose the executable of GENSHIN IMPACT.EXE located on this destination:

        C: \ Program Files \ Genshin Impact \ Genshin Impact game

        Inside you will find the ghenshinimpact executable file. Select it and restart the program. The program will automatically start the game and you will have a second cmd version window that loads files. This window must remain open, if you close it it will cause the game to crash.

        I hope I was as clear as possible

        • 185805

          How long does it take?I’ve waited for about half an hour but it is still finding some methods

          • 101431

            I recently discovered something: in order for the game to start correctly, the little program must start it twice.

            The first time it will load you some routine files, wait for the window in cmd format to close.

            The second time doing the same process will start the game.

            I advise you to adjust the settings before entering the game because it may rarely happen that if you open the in-game menu the game may stop, but it happens to me because I have a poor laptop

            all in all it’s a great mod menu ‘.

            Do not use it in abyss, also because we do not know if it is safe to use it there, if you use it in there 90% the account will be banned.

  16. 185441

    wooooow is very good cheat 😀

  17. 68189

    Just tried this out, its a good one

  18. 161260

    Thanks Man,this is best hack ever!!! I hope you update it in next patches.

  19. 143847

    when i run the injector.exe ( already chosen genshin impact game path ), it close the console immediately and run the genshin impact game. After i get in game (open word ) and press f1 but don’t see the cheat menu appear

  20. 143847

    the cheat that i am waiting for :3

  21. 91520

    omfg this is best hack what i see. No ban. Thanks<3

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