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Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat | MuuX Mod Menu for Android

UNDETECTED Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat

 Last Version: 20/03/2024

 Developers: MuuX

Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat is the single best mod menu you will find for the Android version of Genshin Impact that will blow your socks off. The MuuX hack offers features such as no skill cooldown or speedhack to absolutely change your perception of how Genshin Impact is played.

Genshin Impact has been the most played and popular Asian-style open world gacha game for a while now. There is no doubt that it simply dominates that genre on both Windows and mobile platforms, Android and iOS. And if you have been a long member of our website, you have certainly also stumbled upon free Genshin Impact cheats that we have in store for you for the Windows version of the game.

But as mobile chips got stronger, the number of people playing Genshin on mobile devices increased as well, and there were absolutely no good mod menus or cheats for the game, up until this point. The MuuX Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat offers what no other hack for mobile offers, which is the versatility that Windows hacks for the game offer. From teleport hack to fly hack, this mod menu covers every base that you may be in need of, when it comes to being a pro player in the game.

On top of that, the usage of the cheat is extremely simple. Just follow the steps we have prepared for you right below.

How to Use the Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat

  1. First of all, download the Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat file from the download button below
  2. Extract the file into a folder on your phone using a file explorer app
  3. Install the .apk file that you have downlaoded
  4. Use one of the following keys to activate the cheat:
    1. “MUUXVIP333s”
    2. “MuuXFreeJ”
    3. “FreeMuuXDzwBo”
    4. “FREEMUUX”
  5. Enjoy and have tons of fun in Genshin Impact!

genshin impact mobile cheat

Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat Features


  • Combat: Freeze enemies Make enemies ignore you after use.
  • Immunity: Immune to enemy damage after use,But it may require switching roles to take effect.
  • Monster suicide: Using it can cause monsters to commit suicide,But it is invalid for boss.
  • No energy collect: Using can eliminate the character’s energy demand.
  • No skill CD: There is no need to cool down when using skills,But you need to switch roles.


  • Speed: The running speed of the entire game.
  • Dialog: The speed of conversation.
  • Sprint boost: Increase the speed of the sprint.
  • Sprint teleport: During sprints, teleportation occurs.
  • Wall speed up: Climbing speed increases.
  • Swim boost: Swimming speed increases.
  • Dive boost: Increased movement speed in water.
  • Flight boost: Increase in flight speed.

Map functions:

  • Staminaless Fly: Unlimited physical strength.
  • Area pickup: Enhance the scope of collecting items.
  • Hover mode: Can spread its wings and stop falling in the air.
  • Ascend: After spreading their wings, can ascend.

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