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Free Genshin Impact Cheat Download | Genshin XYZ Cheat Loader v2.6

OUTDATED Free Genshin Impact Cheat Download v2.2 (Teleport, NoClip, Fly ,Speed)

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: iBaseult & CrazzyShot & Taiga & galpt

Free Genshin Impact Cheat Download v2.6:

Free Genshin Impact Cheat is a hack with multiple features for the v2.6 of Genshin Impact. With this cheat you can teleport, fly and have speed hack.

This Free Genshin Impact Cheat has every single cheat feature related to teleporting and movement. You can literally teleport to any location your heart desires. It is so easy to do that you just have pinpoint on the map where you would like to teleport and that’s pretty much it.

On top of that there is a No Clip feature which you might be famialiar with if you have used similar cheats before. This feature lets you go through walls and objects and it is especially great for hackers that can’t get enough of flying and teleporting.

free genshin impact cheat download

Other than that you can turn on the speed and get wherever you want super freaking quick without having to teleport if you do not want to jus teleport and focus on the journey not the destination. So yeah, this feature pretty much turns you into flash. Combining this feature with FPS Unlock is also a great combo because if you have a monitor that support 144 or 240hz can really help you enjoy the game even more.

What makes this Free Genshin Impact Cheat so special is that it’s a collaboration of the biggest 3 Genshin Impact Hack developers out there that have only been working on their own personal projects, until now! There is no doubt that this is absolutely the best Free Genshin Impact Cheat out there since no free cheat has this many features as a single developer would instead decide to sell such a project. So, our recommendation is that you should abuse and enjoy this Free Genshin Impact Cheat to its fullest while it lasts!

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Download the link below for Teleport Locations,
use the download button at the bottom for Genshin XYZ Cheat Loader!


free genshin impact cheat download

How to Use Free Genshin Impact Cheat

  1. Download the Free Genshin Impact Cheat down below
  2. Extract the files from the rar archive and paste them into a folder of your choice
  3. Start GenshinXYZ that you have just extracted
    If it is the first time you are running it, the cheat should ask you for the location of GenshinImpact.exe which you will be able to find in the root folder of Genshin Impact
  4. Once Genshin Impact is started, press Inject when you are in the main menu. [Do not press it before you are in the main menu!]
  5. Before you go into the game itself, follow the steps down below in order to terminate the mhyprot2 handle of Genshin:
  6. Open Process Hacker 2 with Admin rights
  7. Terminate the mhyprot2 Handle with PH2 (If you do not know how to, I will explain it down below)
  8. Now that you are safe, enjoy GenshinXYZ :))

How to Close the mhyprot2 Handle?

  1. Open process hacker as an admin and click on Find handles or DLLs on the top bar:
  2. Search for mhyprot and terminate it:

Genshin XYZ Cheat Loader NEW Features:

Features (Spoiler):


Player Tab:
-God Mode
-Unlimited Stamina
-No Cooldown
-Infinite Ultimate
-Actions Speed
-No Fall Damage
-Free Flight
-No Clip
Combat Tab:


-Double Attacks
-No Bow Charge
-Rapid Fire [Power 1-50]
-Auto Kill
-Block Enemies
-Mob Vacuum
-Vacuum Loot & Seelies
-kickDown (Despawn)
Misc Tab:-Speedup Dialogues
-Destroy Objects
-Auto Pickup
-Options List

Visual Tab:
– Normal Chest ESP [Icons]
-Health ESP
-Level ESP
-Elemental Sight
-No Fog
-No Grass
-FOV [1-10]
-FPS Unlocker [250 fps]
-Custom Profile [Avatar-AR-Min\Max EXP]

Esp Tab:

-Draw Checkboxes
-Draw Lines
-Draw Names
-Namefont Size [1-5]


– Everything 

Map Teleport Tab:
-Marker Teleport
-Preset Location Teleport
-Load & Save Current Location
-Coordinates Teleport

-Create Config
-Save Config
-Load Config
-Keybind System

Frequently Asked Questions

|| -Do we still have to close Mhyprot?

-No , our loader is doing everything for you :)

|| -Is it safe to use it?

-Remember you are cheating on an online game, we put all our efforts to make things safe, but we can never be 100% sure

|| -Can I play in Co-op?

-It is recommended to play only with friends (true friends)

|| -Can I complete the abyss?

-Keep in mind that all your actions within the abyss are monitored and recorded, so it’s best if you don’t exaggerate :)

ChangeLog: v1.3.5 (CURRENT – March 17, 2023)

  • Added Auto Pickup Delay
  • Added Pickup/Loot Range [USE AT OWN RISK]
  • Improved General Stability
  • Fix Auto Kill stuttering with Free Flight
  • Fix Auto Pickup lagging after Esc menu
  • Fix Vacuum Fps drop when sucking too many mobs
  • Removed Auto Pickup’s range

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  1. 100776

    Good job. Nice GUI. Keep up good work and refinement

  1. 189488

    Is there any way for Mihoyo to identify what accounts logged onto what computer? I want to exploit on one account and play normally on another account on the same computer and Im paranoid that Mihoyo might have an ID for every computer or installed Genshin game and knows what accounts logged onto what. Would I also need to use a VPN when playing to prevent IP banning?

  2. 175893

    2.7 update please !

  3. 43206

    Why doesn’t windows 11 cheat crash and the keyboard and mouse behave strangely?

  4. 183882

    Not entirely sure what happened after this app got an update in two days, but now i keep on getting data error, and please update version.

    Tried running the game normally, no error, or even running from the exe file itself still no error. It only happens when after pressing f2 and want to enter i get error.

  5. 179222

    We need a second kill

  6. 185567

    Everytime i used rapid fire I didnt received any dmg, is rapid fire intentionally included godmode?. I didn’t turn on godmod option while using rapid fire. If so can you separate/fix if there’s anything problem with that option.

  7. 184892

    Hi dear.
    Please update the cheat :((((((
    I really need it please . . .

  8. 184892

    Hello dear developer.
    Pls update this cheat as soon as possible to 2.6
    Thank you so much for creating this cheat.
    Wish you updated it soon…

  9. 166531

    Good job. Could you try to make a jumping ability to this cheat?Just a suggestion.

  10. 116136

    1 month banned :> did i do somthing wrong

  11. 184068

    never mind i wasnt paying attention

  12. 184068

    i get a data error , ?? why ???sais download latest game file

  13. 183965

    I can’t seem to download the file

  14. 88231

    what are the most risky features?

  15. 161813

    great and very easy to use cheat great work,hope it update for 2.5 soon

  16. 183650

    2.5 update please

  17. 116136

    outdate need update plssss

  18. 88231

    can i still use this version 2.5 ?

  19. 88231

    i got ban 30 days, maybe because someone reported me.

  20. 181873

    This tool is no longer available today.The game is crash when I press F2.I am using the Chinese version.

  21. 161813

    The Destroy Nearby Items option is gone

  22. 175893

    Can you make a Genshin Impact AR cheat ?

  23. 182833

    When I re-install the game,it can’t launch the game.it just say ‘Genshin Impact should automatically start in a moment…’

  24. 158450

    1 month banned ?

  25. 166878

    mhyprot cant be closed on this 2.4 . how to use then ?

  26. 113704

    is this safe?

  27. 181581

    Is there for Android?

  28. 168702

    This cheat has to be patched for the 2.4 first. When can we expect?

  29. 1

    Developer NOTE 05.01.2022

    In case you haven’t noticed yet, Genshin Impact has received an Anti Cheat update.
    According to more or less reliable sources, some Chinese cheats have already been detected because of that.
    I recommend you to use Sub Accounts instead for testing any kind of Third Party software for the next 10 days just to be safe.”

    Our Software seems to be unaffected and works for 2.4, we will do some more tests and updates before publishing it so stay patient. However, also with our software, I would advise you not to use it on your main accounts for the next 10 days after release.”

  30. 39820

    not working after shenhe update my game get crashed just right after injecting it

  31. 110356

    now thats detected XD

  32. 41969

    Does this work for 2.4?

  33. 166531

    Good job,thanku.is there superjump for version 2.3?

  34. 163892

    Is there any other way to contact you guys for help? This comment section is a bit inconvenient
    It would be very helpful if this mod had a video guide

  35. 163811

    what is the password to extract?

  36. 153892

    when i try to open it,a textbox appears for a fraction of a second and the deletes genshinxyz any solutions?

  37. 152683

    31-4302 hatası alıyor ve oyuna giremiyorum.Dediklerinizi aynen uyguladım sorun nedir?

  38. 113542

    need update pls 😉

  39. 125473

    when is the version 2.3 going to come?

  40. 113542

    Double Attacks / Spells possible in new version. ?
    is there already a time slot for version 2.3?

  41. 142592

    Hola , soy de Perú y me gustaria apoyarte por el hack que creaste, cuentas con paypal para donarte? lo probe hoy y estaba muy bueno . lastima que hubo actualizacion espero la siguiente version !

  42. 113542

    Thanks for all
    Waiting for Support v 2.3

  43. 100776

    is there a way to login without verifying email? because i lost my email on my account

  44. 127169

    alto virus de mierda comame los huevos pinche hacker marica

  45. 117514

    This has a trojan virus and i tried to hack into my windows account

  46. 116614

    Can i get banned for terminating mhyprot2? And can i re-enable it somehow if so.

  47. 111720

    If you use teleport, your character will not come down from the air.

  48. 112889

    i can’t find the game process

  49. 62023

    please add loction of all oculus please

  50. 100776

    Good job. Nice GUI. Keep up good work and refinement

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