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Free Genshin Impact Cheat Download v2.2 (Teleport, NoClip, Fly ,Speed)

OUTDATED Free Genshin Impact Cheat Download v2.2 (Teleport, NoClip, Fly ,Speed)

 Last Version: 14/11/2021

 Developers: iBaseult

Free Genshin Impact Cheat Download 2.2

Free Genshin Impact Cheat is a hack with multiple features for the v2.2 of Genshin Impact. With this cheat you can teleport, fly and have speed hack.

This Free Genshin Impact Cheat has every single cheat feature related to teleporting and movement. You can literally teleport to any location your heart desires. It is so easy to do that you just have pinpoint on the map where you would like to teleport and that’s pretty much it.

On top of that there is a No Clip feature which you might be famialiar with if you have used similar cheats before. This feature lets you go through walls and objects and it is especially great for hackers that can’t get enough of flying and teleporting.

Other than that you can turn on the speed and get wherever you want super freaking quick without having to teleport if you do not want to jus teleport and focus on the journey not the destination. So yeah, this feature pretty much turns you into flash. Combining this feature with FPS Unlock is also a great combo because if you have a monitor that support 144 or 240hz can really help you enjoy the game even more.

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How to Use Free Genshin Impact Cheat

  1. Download the Free Genshin Impact Cheat down below
  2. Extract the files from the rar archive and paste them into a folder of your choice
  3. Start Genshin Impact, login and enter your world if you haven’t already
  4. Open Process Hacker 2 with Admin rights
  5. Terminate the mhyprot2 Handle with PH2 (If you do not know how to, I will explain it down below)
  6. Start the “BaseultTeleporter.exe” that you’ve just extracted
  7. Enjoy :))

How to Close the mhyprot2 Handle?

  1. Open process hacker as an admin and click on Find handles or DLLs on the top bar:
  2. Search for mhyprot and terminate it:

Free Genshin Impact Cheat Features

  • Map Point & Click Teleport (You can click on any point on the map in the cheat where you want to teleport to).
  • Teleport Spoofer (Teleport to any location by spoofing the spawncoordinates)
  • Instant Teleport (Teleport immediately to a location nearby)
  • Safe Location (Save your current location, you can then use it yourself in the cheat and share it with others)
  • Safed Locations on Map (Displays the current selected Safepoint Location on the cheat map)
  • Create Map (You can make your own screenshot of any place on the map, import it into the cheat and then use it as a map to teleport and save waypoints to. You can also share it with others. Great for making farm route maps.)
  • Gravity (You can modify the gravity to positive and negative)
  • Speed (Run and fly faster than Sonic)
  • NoClip (Bug you through any wall)
  • FPS Unlocker (Finally 250 FPS..)
  • Infinite Q & No Cooldown
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Instant Bow Charge
  • Chest ESP

1 41 screenshot 1

Developer Notes

Change Log:

  • Added Infinite Q & No Cooldown
  • Added Infinite Stamina
  • Added Instant Bow Charge
  • Added Chest ES
  • Added new Locations to Locs folder
  • Fixed Errorsounds in Abyss and Dialogues
  • Fixed more stuff I forgot about

Hey, I’ve been working on a Free Genshin Impact Cheat with Main focus on teleporting,
I call it “Baseult Genshin Teleporter” which is very easy to use, has a clear gui and includes a few features.

About :
This cheat is based on the Teleporter C++ source code of @0x3730, but ported over to c# with a lot of new stuff.
Yes that means that everyone who uses his teleporter is able to use his saved locations for this cheat too.
It does not need to be injected as it is an executable (.exe) file.

Your saved location will be stored in C:Locs
 The created Map will be stored in C:BTImages & C:BTVector

You can both share with others so they are able to use your maps and saved locations.

Fixes:– Marker Teleporter didn’t work for some users – There has been a bug with Could not read Location Position Memory– Speedup Dialogue didn’t turn off at some occasions – Instant Teleport had X and Y coords changed which teleported you to different locations – Map Creator had some buggs
Changes:– Changed the Location for Locs / BTImages / BTVectors / Keybinds to the Application Path – Added a Reset Keybinds Button

Winrar Password: 123

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  8. This has a trojan virus and i tried to hack into my windows account

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