Genshin Impact Public Hack 2021


 Version: 2.0.0

 Developers: CrazyShoot

Genshin Impact Public Hack 2021

This Genshin Impact public hack is a great simple Genshin Impact cheat with some litte but effective features. With this hack you can fly, you can disable damage, have chest ESP and no skill cooldown.

This hack will help you in your gameplay for sure. You can easily kill your enemies and have so much while doing so. This hack should also work while you are playing multiplayer with your friends. But you should still be careful. That's why I advise you to use an alt accound while using this cheat. You never know what can happen.

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an Action Role-Playing Game developed and published by miHoYo. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS in September 2020, for PlayStation 5 in April 2021, and is slated for release on Nintendo Switch. The game features an open world environment and an action-based combat system that uses elemental magic and character switching. Since its release, the game has been free and monetized through gacha gameplay mechanics, where players can acquire new characters, weapons, and other resources.

Genshin Impact takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, where there are seven distinct nations, each linked to an element and ruled by a god associated with it. The story follows a pair of twins, known as Travelers, who have traveled through many other worlds but separated from their twin in Teyvat. The Traveler sets out in search of his lost brother with his companion Paimon and engages in the affairs of nations and the gods of Teyvat.

How to Install Genshin Impact Public Hack?
  1. Download the hack
  2. Extract the dll out of the archive
  3. Start the game
  4. To inject the dll, you must first terminate the Mhyprot Handle (Use process Hacker or Process Explorer)
  5. Then inject the dll using an injector [Recommended: Xenos]
  6. Press Insert [INS] to show the menu
  7. Enjoy 🙂
Genshin Impact Public Hack – Features
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Double Attacks / Spells
  • Ultra Rapid Attack| ULTI X10 [NUMPAD 1 | MB1 ON/OFF] < Use Disable Enemies Attack FIRST
  • Instant Bow Charge
  • No CoolDown [E|Q]
  • Fly Hack [NUMPAD 2 ON/OFF]
  • Chest Esp
  • Level ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Disable Enemies Attack
  • FOV Slider
Developer Note

Hi everyone, I wanted to play this game again, but I realized that without hacks it's not fun at all.

So I dedicated some of my time to one of my projects to make this Genshin Impact Public Hack, and today I want to share it with this community. It is nothing special, and the menu is very basic, but I hope you enjoy it

Ins= Show/Hide The menu
End= Detach the Dll

To inject the Genshin Impact Public Hack dll, you must first terminate the Mhyprot Handle (Use process Hacker or Process Explorer)

– Disable Enemies Attack can be combined with the F2 option

– The Bow rapid fire and Freeze Enemies functions work fine with amber, and you have to shoot while standing.
– |Not sure if it works with other characters who use the bow, I haven't tested it yet|

– Select Amber
– Enable aim mode (Default: R)
– Press F2
– Profit.
– Change the bow if the game is lagging / you can’t shoot


Only logged in users can download cheat.

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4 Days (Plural Form) Ago text

its crashing many time

4 Days (Plural Form) Ago text

very unstabble
many crashes

4 Days (Plural Form) Ago text

can you update the hack ,pls?

4 Days (Plural Form) Ago text

doesnt work

7 Days (Plural Form) Ago text


8 Days (Plural Form) Ago text

i cant terminate mhyprot2 in process hacker and it says” stop pending”

8 Days (Plural Form) Ago text
Reply to  nhat nguyen

i cant even find mhyprot2

6 Days (Plural Form) Ago text
Reply to  Sir Liu

try running process hacker as admin

10 Days (Plural Form) Ago text

Can you tell me which injector to use? Because i tried with saz and it didnt work. Also how do i terminate the Mhyprot handle? when i try to do it in process hacker its already disabled.

10 Days (Plural Form) Ago text
Reply to  cixlxx

Join our discord server and open ticket

9 Days (Plural Form) Ago text
Reply to  grizz

discord link plz?

9 Days (Plural Form) Ago text
Reply to  cRack
8 Days (Plural Form) Ago text
Reply to  grizz

I cant join to discord

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