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GTA 5 External TriggerBot Hack 1.59

OUTDATED GTA 5 External TriggerBot Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Keskorian

If you want to become the best one in this game, then you need to try some of the GTA 5 External TriggerBot Hack. The main reason for this is that this game is a lot of fun and the creators made several mistakes in it. Don’t get frustrated about the little things, it is better for you to try Gta V cheats and hacks. After testing some different hacks I found Gta V TriggerBot Menu Hack which helped me a lot with my character’s stats.

gta 5 external triggerbot hack

How To Use GTA 5 External TriggerBot Hack:

  1. Download the Gta V TriggerBot Menu Hack  below and put the contents in a folder.
  2. Run your game and open “C00KI3S V1.11.exe”.
  3. After that, you can activate it from the menu and play easily. Enjoy good games.

Developer Note :

How its made:
It is using native c++ 17, win32 and GDI for literally everything. No other dependencies. Just a simple lightweight triggerbot.

It mostly works fine in usual cases considering its external.
Hack i shoot worse without it

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