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GTA 5 Online Packed Stat Editor Free Download

UNDETECTED GTA 5 Online Packed Stat Editor Free Download

 Last Version: 02/11/2021

 Developers: TheTamsin

GTA 5 Online Packed Stat Editor

GTA 5 Online Packed Stat Editor is free to download tool for experts that lets you change the values of player stats and unlock items in game.

This hack is a piece of software that pretty much allows you edit every kind of stat of your character and the game. But this cheat requires some in game /coding knowledge as it is quite a complex tool to use. Therefore I would not recommend this tool for begginers that do not know enough to use it since using it wrongly can cause bans.

How to Install & Use GTA 5 Online Packed Stat Editor

  1. Like you always do, go ahead and download the editor down below
  2. A rar archive will be download. Open it and extract the dll from there and paste it into a folder of your choice
  3. Download an injector on our website
  4. Start GTA 5 and go into an online lobby
  5. Open the injector you just downloaded and

GTA 5 Online Packed Stat Editor Features

  • Packed Integer reader and writer
  • Packed Boolean reader and writer
  • Int, Float, Bool, String, and User_Id Reader and Writer
  • Compare differences in Packed Ints, Packed Bools, Ints, and Bools
  • All Preset packed bool unlocks
  • Preset regular stat unlocks (~99% complete)
  • Global Variable reader & writer
  • IPL Loader
  • Archenemy & Victim editor
  • Char/CEO/MC/Clubhouse/Nightclub name editor
  • Automatic K/D selector
Developer Notes

Packed stats are referred to by index. You can print out all values in a specific range and look for ones that seem interesting, and you can do things in game and then check for differences vs. the last time you ran the compare function. Everything prints to the log window.

The preset unlocks just set everything from those DLCs to true (with the exception of the bunker unlocks). This may have some unintended consequences.

Q: Is this Detected?
A: I have no idea, none of my accounts are banned from using this, but it could always become detected at any moment
Q: How do I get tuner wheels?
A: Click “Preset Unlocks” then click “_TUNERPSTAT_BOOL”
Q: All my weapons disappeared, how do I get them back?
A: Go to your weapon locker in MOC/Office/Bunker/whatever and unhide the weapons

Winrar Password: 123

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